Is it too early to start planning Jack’s Easter basket?? I know he’s just a baby, but my mom always did the cutest holiday gifts for my sister and me. I’ve seen a lot of debate about moms going “overboard” for holidays and birthday parties for their kids and feeling pressured by things like Pinterest to keep raising the bar. I think everyone needs to do what works for their family! If holiday baskets aren’t for you, no worries. To me though, they were such a fun part of our childhood and I can’t wait to start the tradition again now that I am a mom myself. (Also, my mom 100% still sends little holiday packages up 🤣.)

Okay I also have to confess that I didn’t get Jack anything for Christmas. Leading up to Christmas, it felt so weird to get a four month old Christmas gifts. And then on Christmas morning I felt so sad and like the worst mother for not getting him anything??? So anyway. Yea, he sent Valentine’s out to his “friends” and he’s getting an Easter basket.

Also I seem crazy for doing this a month ahead of schedule, but I know Easter baskets are going to sell out so I wanted to get the post up early. (Especially if you want to add a monogram, it’ll take a bit longer.) I woke up one day and texted my friend, “OMG I get to do an Easter basket for Jack this year!!!” and promptly ordered a basket!

Since he is still a baby, I’m just putting things in there that are cute but also things that I’d buy for him anyway. He’s getting to the age where he’s actually able to play with things. He’s also outgrown pretty much everything I bought while I was pregnant. (Which is wild. I felt like I purchased so many clothes and so many things felt so big when he was first born and now he’s growing like a weed!)

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime Board Book // Peter Rabbit Soft Book // Swim Trunks

Henry the Bunny // Mini Cup & Straw // Pajama Set

Scalloped Basket


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Oh man, my son is around Jack’s age & I did the SAME THING for Christmas, & felt just as sad! We only get 18 of each holiday with our babes, why not be a little extra?! (But also…no need to stress about it, because they really won’t remember :))


I really enjoy these posts and think you will be excited to give this Easter basket to your little one on Sunday morning! As a new mom to a young toddler with few mom friends, I feel judged for over or under doing it but have decided to just embrace what we want to do! Your post got me excited to buy Easter basket presents and books. However, we didn’t even wrap birthday presents this past year so gifts/energy depends on the season 🙂


This is so sweet. I love it. 1YO boy mom here. I get so overwhelmed when I put off planning for holidays. This was a good reminder to plan ahead so I can do what I envision.