I kind of got wrapped up in life and almost forgot to post these photos from our trip to Tampa a couple of weeks ago. I actually haven’t been nearly as great about documenting everyday experiences on my blog because of Instagram and TikTok. It almost feels like I’m double dipping in the memories, or that people will get sick of seeing the content everywhere multiple times? But this blog is still my number one! I want the memories here forever…. While it’s easier to post to IG stories in the moment and to throw up a quick Instagram post, it’s definitely better (at least for my own reminiscing) to have things live here!

Jack and I flew down early on Tuesday and my mom picked us up from the airport. We went straight to lunch to see my aunt (my mom’s sister) and my mom’s best friend! Jack and I were both exhausted after the flight, but we had so much fun. It rained for the rest of the day and I can’t quite remember what we did besides rest.

On Wednesday, my mom, Jack, and I met up with my sister at Nordstrom cafe for lunch. Love seeing Jack and Stacy have such a sweet little bond.

I’ve been dying to work out with Stacy at her favorite studio. Our friends from high school opened it up a couple of years ago and she loves going. (It’s Union Three if you’re in the area.) Jack hung out at home with my mom while we worked out. Let me just say… I was sore for a week after the class.

Thursday was such a good day! My mom and I went to Hyde Park to get coffee and do a couple of errands… and look who we ran into! Carter Fish!! We literally haven’t seen each other since she photographed our wedding. She got to meet baby Jack and everything. It was pretty serendipitous that we ran into her right there because one of our first official shoots together was right there at the fountain. She had her camera with her so we took some photos, too. 

And then Ashley came into town!!! We got lunch together and then coffee before going back to my parents’ house to get ready before my book signing. The best part? I got to see her beautiful bump in person 😭 That little baby boy of hers is already so loved. (And I cannot wait for our boys to be friends!!)

And then it was time for the book signing! Such a cool, pinch-me moment for me. Loved getting to meet so many of you guys and doing it at the Oxford Exchange was just perfect.

So many more logistics when there’s a baby involved 🙃 Need way more hands on deck!!

And Friday was an extra special day as Jack got to meet his Great Grandma!! They hit it off from the moment they met 🥰 Charlotte is 94 years young and Jack is her second great grandchild…. and her third was born a couple of weeks ago!



My parents and Mike and me went out for a little dinner date in Hyde Park at Bartaco. We got a couple margaritas to go while we wanted for a table. Cannot wait for nice enough weather up here to start doing date nights outside again. It was beautiful.

We spent Saturday by the pool and soaking up as much sunshine as possible before we had to return back to all the snow in NJ!

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Just wanted to say that I appreciate that you “repeat-post” your photos on the blog. I don’t have TikTok or Instagram (for my own reasons, of course) but have definitely noticed that the content on my favorite blogs has changed a lot in the last 2-3 years. It always seems like Instagram is now their main platform, and the ignore their blogs! It’s a little pet peeve of mine. Totally valid for any creative to do what they want with their brand, but I’ll always be visiting the OG blog site!


What a special trip! Since I’m not on social media, I always appreciate when bloggers continue to BLOG and not just pivot to social media. Thank you!

Kate Brinkley

Don’t stress about “boring” us. I love all the Jack and fam content ❤️ In all the formats.


That photo of Jack and great-grandma Charlotte is simply precious – definitely one for a frame!