Lake’s annual sale is running for one more day. Personally, I think their pajamas are worth it full price, but even better when you can get a little discount! They are my go-to pajamas. The pima cotton is super, super soft and I just love slipping into them at the end of the night. (Or, let’s be real, staying in them extra long in the mornings before showering!)

There are over 200 styles included in the sale and since they rarely do sales, this is the best time to splurge on another pair or try them out for the first time.

I’ve been getting a lot of sizing and care questions over DM, so I figured I’d revisit this. They do shrink in the wash, and I prefer a looser fit so I go up one size from what I’d normally order from, say, J. Crew. Currently (and pre-pregnancy) I go with the size small. And while pregnant and immediately following labor, I wore a medium for both pajamas and the robes.

As for caring for the pajamas, it’s recommended that you lay the pajamas flat to dry after washing in cold water…. but I wash mine in regular hot water and throw in the dryer with everything else. I haven’t had a problem yet, though I think they do shrink a tiny bit more this way. If you try yours on before washing and they fit perfectly, I’d exchange for one size up. If they’re a little baggy, you’re good to go as they’ll shrink down after washing.

The style I have the most of is the Long-Long, and I also really love my robe. Jack almost always sleeps in the jammies now (I usually just put him in the shirt with his sleep sack for easy MOTN diaper changes). And I just got this Long-Long weekend set, which may be my new favorite silhouette!


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Caroline Tweedy

I think that the weekend style is the most flattering! Grabbed another set during this sale, even though I need another pajama set like I need a hole in my head 😂.