This was one of my very favorite mom moments so far. Obviously we’re not too far into it, but it felt like a little taste of all the fun to come. While I admit that the other day I started sobbing looking at pictures from the day he was born, I am more okay with the passing of time than I thought I would be. Every day I wake up excited to see what new thing he’ll discover or do. Hopefully I continue to fully enjoy each “moment” as they come and stay present with each stage!

With that said, I couldn’t not document his first Halloween so I’ll rewind a couple of days for prosperity’s sake.

It was a perfectly chilly day with a little bit of overcast, which made it feel extra Halloween-y. I have these distinct memories of Halloween as a kid when we live in Massachusetts and even now, there are certain days where the humidity, lighting, and temperature all meld together and I think, “Mmm feels like Halloween.” Well, sure enough, Halloween 2021 felt “like Halloween.”

We got back home mid-afternoon on Saturday and there were a bunch of festivities going on in the center of town. As we pulled through town, there were kids everywhere in costume and it truly felt like something out of a movie. Mike’s parents had been staying in our house while we were gone and we overlapped for the weekend, which was extra fun. On Sunday, we took the dogs (Teddy, Ham, and their lab) and Jack for an extra long walk. So many houses were decked out with great Halloween decorations and there were lots of last minute preparations going on.

I was honestly feeling pretty tired after a long night and felt a little unsettled having just been gone for a month. Part of me wanted to just stay home and watch a movie. I kept thinking, “Well, Jack won’t really know what’s going on anyway…” But I’m really glad that I rallied. We went over to the next town over and trick or treated with his cousins. Mike’s family rolls deep for the kiddos and it was a thrill seeing Halloween through the eyes of three and two year olds. And call me crazy, but I think Jack was genuinely into it. (Well, as far as he knew it was like any other stroll in the stroller, which he loves. So basically, he loved it.)

And I know I said I was trying to stay present and to enjoy each day, but it really did get me excited to think about him properly trick or treating with his cousins throughout the years!


PS Jack’s costume is still available and now marked down quite a bit if anyone wants to tuck it away for later. I felt like he needed to be a classic “Jack”-o-lantern and it was too cute, in my totally-not-biased-mom opinion 😉


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I am hoping you can get a hold of a copy of the November issue of the Better Homes and Gardens. I was browsing through it and when I happened to turn the page I thought what is Carly’s husband doing in Better Homes and Garden. Then I realized it was the editor’s picture except he doesn’t have a beard. They say you have a doppelganger some where in the world. I showed my daughter and she couldn’t believe the resemblance either.