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Now that we’re back from Nantucket, I’ve started thinking more about the holidays! I’m looking forward to spending more time with family this year and making up for last year’s unusual holiday season. One of my favorite parts about the holidays is all of the traditions associated. This year feels extra special since it will be Jack’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I’m excited to start new traditions as a family of three. My family always has hotdogs for lunch before the official Thanksgiving dinner, and we end the night by playing a few rounds of card and board games with dessert. I think it’s safe to say Rummy 500 will be in the rotation of games at Thanksgiving this year.

When it comes to Thanksgiving outfits, I always prioritize comfort! I know that different families have varying levels of fanciness for the occasion, so I wanted to share three outfit ideas to help you get inspired. Our family’s Thanksgiving dinner is usually casual. But, I still like to get a little dressed up. So, I think these outfits strike the perfect balance between casual and dressy.

On to what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner!

Cardigan Sweater // Jeans // Flats // Bag // Earrings // Bow

I wore a variation of this outfit last year for Thanksgiving, and it’s a great option if your family’s Thanksgiving dinner is on the casual side. I love the simplicity of a cardigan sweater and jeans. This pair is super comfortable, which is key for any Thanksgiving outfit. Style with a pair of leopard flats, pearl earrings, and a velvet bow for a chic touch.

Tissue Turtleneck // Midi Skirt // Flats // Bow Earrings

This outfit is slightly dressier, and you could totally play up the accessories here or swap flats for heels. I like that it feels fancy, but there’s not too much thinking and effort involved. Plus, it’s comfortable, and you can wear the pieces separately with other articles of clothing you own after Thanksgiving.

Dress // Headband // Clutch // Heels

Smocked dresses are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner since they’re a good mix between casual and dressy. Not to mention they are so comfortable and one of my first choices for a big Thanksgiving meal! Style with ballet mules for something a little more relaxed than heels, and add a cute houndstooth headband for a festive fall touch.


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It is so interesting to see your Tampa-take on Thanksgiving outfits. The last outfit, the dressy one, would be nice in the spring/summer here in New England, but with the light fabric, the Mike’s, and woven bag, it definitely would not be seasonally appropriate in New England. It is interesting to see where regional variants come into play when one makes wardrobe choices.


Hi Carly,
would you please share a pic of you in the outfit with the skirt, or note if you would tuck the turtleneck? Thanks!

Michelle Theodorou

I feel so validated that I’m basically wearing Outfit#1 right now! Does this mean I’m Carly-cool? I think so.


These outfits are so cute, Carly! I especially love the just slightly fancy one! I’m definitely looking forward to this holiday season after the bust last year.