January Bucket List

These monthly bucket lists are really becoming one of my favorite things. I try not to put too much pressure on myself to complete them all, but they are nice to use as a guideline for a fun and productive month. I always feel like time flies by and things I want to do pass me by!
Going to the Christmas tree farm with Garrett, Carter, and my sister was so much fun; probably my favorite from the list. I made sugar cookies, mailed our holiday cards, made more than ten donations, and visited Rhode Island. I did a half-job (whoops) on my closet and we didn’t have any snow to break in my skis with… and I put ice skating back on the list for January. I still want to do it!
January has been off to a little bit of a rocky start for me. Taking time off for the holidays seems to have really thrown me off… I’m just ready to get back into a regular routine! (Of course Garrett and I have a ski trip planned for this week… I have a feeling I’m going to be resting sore legs and working late at night!) January is notoriously a rough month so I’m hoping this bucket list helps add some more excitement into the mix!
What would you add to your January bucket list?

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Audrey Lin

These monthly bucket lists are such a great idea! Many people have got their 2016 New Year resolutions down, and a great step in the right direction would be to break it up month by month, and maybe even week by week! On my January to-do/bucket list is to finish drafting all my blog posts from summer break :O Yup… And also to create a very detailed major plan (I'm a sophomore in college). -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Kate Flâneur

These bucket lists are so great – I love the fact that they consist mostly of fun tasks! Do you have a bucket list for the entire year ahead, as well? I mean, do you decide at the beginning of each month or do you have a general idea of what you would like to every month?


I love these monthly lists – so fun to read! Now that I'm done with college, I'm thinking about setting monthly goals as well



I love these monthly lists – so fun to read! Now that I'm done with college, I'm thinking about setting monthly goals as well


Amy Schwartz

Hi Carly! I was wondering if you could make a general post about budgeting/financial goal setting for the new year. Nothing too personal, just something about how you prioritize and set goals. I'm working on a budget and want to set financial goals, but everything I come up with seems arbitrary!

Tiffany is an excellent resource for budgeting and financial goal setting. Its app is free, and it tracks your progress toward your goals, which has been a great motivator for me. In terms of prioritizing your goals, 1. Tackle debt first then 2. work on building your savings/emergency fund. Here's to financial success in 2016!

Allison D

Hey Carly! For the "clean up iPhone photos" list item, I've been using Google Photos and love it. You mentioned in a post about Dropbox Carousel, and Google Photos is like that except with endless free storage. Hope this is helpful! 🙂 Happy New Year.

Ebony S

On my bucket list is to get new business cards made and start a photo album. I have thousands of pictures, and want to start printing them!

I really enjoy these monthly bucket lists — it helps me to stay on top of things for the month.

I'm probably going to have to add the clean out iPhone photos on my list since I'm making a photo album! I have thousands of random selfies in my phone lol (whoops)

Good luck on your list this month!

xo, Justarlanda |

Olivia Stieren

I love how well-rounded your list is!

A few things on my January bucket list:
-Attend the College Football National Championship in Arizona (my team is there for the first time since 1981, so it's pretty exciting!)
-get back in my regular workout routine (typical, I know)
-no fast food
-write a handwritten letter to a friend
-try out 5 new recipes
-catch up on my audiobooks