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Patagonia on the Beach

With no snow to be found, it’s been kind of nice to enjoy some extra time outside. Especially with a two year old pup who needs lots of exercise, I’m pretty grateful for these afternoons outside.
We typically take Teddy to our favorite dog park (it’s like heaven on earth, I swear!), but the beach was calling our names this week! There’s nothing cuter than seeing twenty dogs sprinting back and forth on the beach! Teddy dipped his toes and nose in the water… while other dogs did their own polar bear plunge. 
There are around a million reasons why I love living in Connecticut so much… and being so close to the water is right up there as one of the top reasons.
I’ve had a few pieces of Patagonia clothing from my college rowing days and always loved them. Working from home and being a little more outdoorsy than usual, I’ve collected a few more pieces this year that I wear way too often. This quilted snap-t is one that I wear at least every other day! It’s super soft and a little less puffy than the fleece version.

While it’s not an official “resolution” I do intend on spending more time outdoors this year. I always feel stress melt away and my overall happiness go up after being outside even for a few minutes.

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