Jenny Walton’s Style

I have a pretty good idea of what my personal “style” is by now. But even still, I surprise myself now and then by trying something new, and liking it. Sometimes I try things in the privacy of my own home (and then promptly return said failed items), but other times it really works. I recently purchased a chambray romper which so doesn’t seem like something I’d wear, and I loved it… and received so many compliments while wearing it. Even tying this scarf around my neck, and then around my ponytail, felt unlike me and also totally right at the same time. So maybe I shouldn’t be so stuck in my ways all the time– I’d like to keep trying new things. 
After seeing her feature on J. Crew’s blog, I instantly fell in love with Jenny Walton‘s style. She’s the fashion director at The Sartorialist, so you should expect as much. She’s also an incredible artist, and I think an element of art really shines through her clothes! I simply want to recreate every single one of her outfits! I love that she walks the line of classic and bold, trendy and tailored.
photo via j. crew’s blog
photo via peter stigter
photo via nabile quenum
photo via phil oh
photo via j. crew’s blog
photo via sandra semburg
What do you think?! Are you as obsessed as I am?!
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Margaret M Brooks

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another mom

I'm not sure who she is, but I LOVE her style. I noticed that the pictures come from different sources. Is there any one place you can see outfit inspirations from her?


While her style itself doesn’t stand out to me, it is the proportions she chooses which illuminate her structure. She has a good eye in regard to fit and tailoring.