Packing for Ireland in the Summer

Ireland, in my opinion, is totally one of those trips that you could pack with a carry-on. I’d stick to sneakers, one pair of rain boots, a rain coat, leggings, a pair of running shorts, jeans, a sweater, a plain tee, and a Patagonia fleece. You could really do it. Like an outdoorsy, explore-y, tourist look. Easy.
This packing list is not for a carry-on. I spent so much time looking through Pinterest for ideas of what to pack when heading to Ireland. The packing lists I found seemed really basic or geared towards colder months.
From the minute I announced we were going to Ireland, I started getting requests for a packing list. And they keep coming. I LOVE how many readers are heading there this summer. (I’m jealous? Pack me in your suitcase?!) If you want to go, definitely pin this for later in case you end up there next summer!!
Before I get to the actual packing list, here are some tips I have:
1) If you’re going to overpack in any department, and you’re planning on killing the Instagram game, bring extra coats and jackets. Coats are really what end up standing out in photos, and they’re also going to be the most versatile part of your packing. I would rather have two options of coats than two options of anything else for the trip!
2) Checking the weather can feel overwhelming. I kept trying to figure out what 65 degrees would really feel like. Well, 65 degrees feels different depending on where you are in Ireland, for sure. In addition to checking the weather, I’d cross-reference it by checking the geo-tagged photos from the day on Instagram. To see what actual tourists were wearing in the same spot I was going to be in a week later really helped me gauge what I’d want/need to wear.
3) For colors, I think if I weren’t going there as a blogger, I’d stick to denim, gray, navy, and white with added color from my coats. I’d avoid green, though, especially if you’re going to be taking a lot of family photos. Ireland is sooooo green, so skip the green Barbour and the green Hunters.
With these basic staples, you can put together a bunch of different outfits for your entire trip, and you’ll be able to tweak throughout the day depending on the weather. I’d say this packing list is for a trip to Ireland in the summer where the temperatures range from 55 to 75 degrees.
Twelve outfit ideas that you can mix and match… and there are even more combinations!


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Audrey Lin

knew the yellow raincoat would make an appearance! love it so much 🙂 also thanks for showing us a few of the ways to mix and match these few items to create so many different outfits! versatile items are musts for travel 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I love your mix and match outfit ideas, and some of those looks are exactly what I wore when I was in Ireland last summer! The only other jacket I would add is a green utility jacket; I wore mine nearly every day.


This packing list is good, you mix and match, but I would never take rain boots anywhere, they're so big and bulky. I prefer to carry-on and would take something the size of the shorter Bean boots if I felt I needed waterproof shoes. I think 3 jackets is too many to pack too. I usually do one all-weather jacket that is extremely lightweight, waterproof, and warm but breathable from 20 degrees up to a cloudy/windy 60 degree day. The North Face Thermoball jacket is a great choice for this, I took it to Iceland last year, it was great for Chicago through fall, winter, and spring. I packed and wore it many times for a trip to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Amsterdam, Paris, and Reykjavik last month and it was perfect for rainy days and for any colder weather. I also took a nicer leather moto-style jacket with me that I alternated with scarves and lots of black (to blend in cities) and was perfect for looking a bit more dressed up. I have been to Ireland twice and I think I only packed two jackets then. You are spot-on about having to layer in Ireland, the weather changes so much and one must be prepared.

Your yellow rain jacket is very cute, I'd definitely bring that to Ireland or any trip! Even though I don't travel for the Instagram photos, it did make for pretty photos and looks good on you. 🙂

Carly A. Heitlinger

The rainboots I linked are specifically MADE for traveling… They're flexible and roll up! And since they're so flexible, they're lighweight and ridiculously easy to wear. I SWEAR by them!!!


Packing for photos is a tad over the extravagant/silly line, better to encourage packing for experiences. Or save the extra room in your suitcase for a worthwhile souvenir.

Becca Buechler

Hello! I am student at the University of South Dakota and heading to Ireland this winter. Do you have any cost effective rain jacket recommendations?

Daniela Barrera

Im going to Ireland for my graduation trip in two weeks & your blog and your tips on what to pack and what to see have been so helpful!! Im using your outfit guide for my packing inspo! Thank you for sharing!!