Julep Maven

I signed up for this service and couldn’t be happier so far.
I have become quite addicted to painting my nails.  It’s a little bit of an issue (in the best possible way, of course).  I love getting new polishes, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by the options.
I always end up staring at the rows and rows and rows of pretty little bottles and can’t seem to pull the trigger on any one color.
I think I read about Julep Maven on Twitter, although I can’t remember.  I’m just really glad I signed up!
Here’s how it works:
1) You take a style quiz.
2) You pay $20 a month and receive $40 of polishes and a fun surprise.
3) You can skip a month or send it to your friend if you don’t want one month.
Here were my results:
American Beauty!
The box!  I’m pretty sure I squealed when I picked it up from the RHO.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but here’s what came!  A hand facial cream, a couple of samples, and three polishes!

A perfectly shiny varnish, a turquoise-y blue, and a nail strengthener. 
I haven’t tried the blue one yet, but the shiny one is a lot of fun!
I love the “glitter nails” look, but sometimes it’s too time consuming.  It takes forever to dry and it’s never smooth.  I like smooth!  This polish goes on smooth, just like a regular one would.  It almost has a gold leaf  look.  And I love it!!!
I can’t wait for next month!  
I think the service is really similar to Birchbox, but since I don’t change my beauty products, um, ever… this is way more up my alley.  You can sign up for Julep Maven here 🙂

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This isn't a very beneficial service. I'd rather buy 2-3 bottles of nail polish that I like instead of buying 2 ugly colors, nail strengthener and samples.

Girly Geekster

Hi Carly! If you are really into the monthly service thing, then Birchbox would be perfect for you. Birchbox is this service where you get a box of high-end beauty samples in the mail each month. Very similar to Julep Maven, but more to offer than just nail polish. I think you'd love it! Hope you give it a try. 🙂
P.S. I love your blog!!!


I agree with Girly Geekster! My mom just told me she is going to sign me up for Birchbox for my birthday (she had to tell me early so that I could fill out the survey about my preferences)! I am very excited to try it out. I will write a post about it once I get my first box!