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I am so excited!  Today I’m heading to NYC for the weekend.  WOO!  I have a few really exciting things going on up there, but I’m also looking forward to getting a little break from Washington, D.C.
(Does anyone else get Columbus Day off?)
Soccer Mom is meeting me up there so I have some company.  I can’t wait to see her!
I’m taking a train, and I think one of the most difficult (and annoying) things about traveling is having to pack everything.  Don’t you wish it was like Harry Potter and you could just use some floo powder or something?
I mentioned Stephanie Johnson products in a post regarding pencil cases.  The people at Stephanie Johnson read the post and set me some travel cases.  They are perfect for any sort of travel… and the timing for my trip was even more perfect!
Here’s how I’m using the bags:
I’m using this case to house and protect my nook.  I don’t think it could have fit better!  The padding is quite sufficient and will protect my nook well.

This folding clutch is divine.  I don’t like to travel with a lot of jewelry, or makeup for that matter.  The two sided zippered pouch fits everything I need and keeps it nice and organized.  Goodness, how cute is it all folded up?

So I also like to bring a few choices for nail polishes.  I never know what kind of mood I’ll be in, or if I’ll need a quick touch up!

This little pouch stores my easy to pack hair accessories in a breeze.  Simple and ready to go.

Thank you Stephanie Johnson for making packing for my trip a lot easier 🙂

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These are perfect for short trips! I have been looking for bags to transport my favorite things home with me for weekend trips home from school, and when they're that cute its even more justification to bring more over less 🙂


Cute! I'm glad you did a travel storage post. But, what do you put those 4 little bags in? Your Longchamp? Scout?