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One of my biggest pet peeves with iPhones is how quickly the battery dies. If I only check email and send the occasional text, I can get it to last all day. But more often than not (aka all the time), I’m scrolling through Instagram, snapping photos and videos, watching my friends’ Snapchats. My battery doesn’t cut it. When I’m on the go, it’s especially annoying because I look like a crazy person searching for outlets at restaurants and coffee shops and even stores desperate for a few extra percentages before hitting the road again.
Kate Spade just launched their collaboration with Everpurse and it’s perfect for modern girls on the go.
They sent me a little wristlet just in time for fashion week. It’s pretty slim and the bulk of its width is dedicated to the charging device. However, it’s the perfect size for your true essentials. And it tucks away nicely into a larger tote or backpack. (I always keep a small bag inside of my big totes so if I have to run to the bathroom or get up from a table to order another coffee at a cafe I don’t have to lug my entire tote with me. It’s also perfect if you know you’re going to be ditching your work or school bag and doing something fun at night.)
I carried mine at the Kate Spade fashion show and fit all the items above plus my small camera (and about 10 pony tail holders).
Love the gold lettering on the side.
The bags come with little charging docks to fit iPhone 5, 6, and 6+ (insert praising hands emoji). You can swap them out depending on the size of your phone. Then your phone just clicks right into place and you can get a 2-day phone charge out of the bag before needing to recharge the bag. 
The charging mat for the wristlet is super simple. It plugs into the wall and the wristlet pops into place like a magnet. 


PS If these aren’t your thing or within your budget, Kate Spade also has a cute battery bank you can throw into all your bags.

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