New Slippers

I have to share these slippers with you. In eleventh grade, I was gifted a pair of slippers during a Secret Santa exchange for my rowing team. Up until then, I had never been big into slippers. (Living in Florida, we never really had a huge need for them!) I wore them throughout college until they– literally– fell apart. Now I always have a pair of slippers near by even if it’s warm outside. 
When we went to Killington, half the group had these LL Bean slippers and they convinced me I needed a pair. I’m not exaggerating when I say they’re the most comfortable and soft slippers ever. It’s been crazy cold this week and these slippers are life savers. I love that they’re called “Wicked Good Moccasins” because they’re seriously wicked good 😉
For sizing… Definitely order a size down. If you’re in between sizes, I’d go down a size and a half. The slippers are very, very roomy. And my friends who have them say that over time the shearling packs down, creating even more room.

Anyone else have a pair??

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Rachel S.

I've had them for years! No matter how old (and dog chewed – they are a favorite toy for our Golden Retriever) they get, they are the most comfortable things I've ever worn! I even used to wear them to class and the library in college on days when it was just too cold.