Kate Spade Fall

I was invited to the Kate Spade presentation last week. It’s the only show I go to during Fashion Week, and it never disappoints. I didn’t get good photos of it (you can check it out on their blog though), but I had a great time viewing the upcoming spring collection. It was a New Orleans theme and even had beignets for the guests. That may have been my favorite part, not going to lie.

Carter and I met up in Bryant Park before the presentation, which was held down the street at the Grand Central Oyster Bar, for photos. It was a gloriously cool morning with zero humidity… hence why my hair looks so good if I do say so myself!

Kate Spade In Bloom Chiffon Mini Dress

I had originally picked out a different dress that was very typical “Carly” to wear to the show. It ended up not getting delivered in time, and so I popped into the Kate Spade store in Greenwich to pick out something new. I’m so glad I went with this dress though. It’s not quite what I’d typically go for, but I love it! I have to be careful when wearing black since my skin is so fair. I can go from Carly to Wednesday Addams in 0.2 seconds.

Carly Heitlinger

I love that the sleeves of the dress are sheer and the fabric of the dress has patches of velvet and flowers. It breaks the dress up, so it’s not just pure black, a plus for my complexion!

Carly Prepster

And we can’t forget about the shoes. To be completely honest, I started with the shoes when I picked the outfit out. I just really wanted them and can you blame me? The little pearls are just the cutest touch. I’m also really into block heels right now because they’re so much easier to walk in.

Gena Heels

Ashley Brooke Designs iPhone Case

Oh, I have to show off my new iPhone case from Ashley Brooke Designs too. I’m obsessed with the metallic bows, and it’s see through, so the phone color shows!

Jet Set Candy

I swapped out my everyday diamond necklace for a gold chain with a few of my favorite Paris Jet Set Candy charms.

Mackenzie Horan

Mackenzie and I ended up picking out our dresses at the same time and took photos before together. We actually met for the first time in person in NYC before a Kate Spade presentation five and a half years ago! (Recognize her dress? Twinning.)

Kate Spade Gena Heels

I’m kind of thinking I need to wear more black… especially now that summer is winding down!

Chiffon Dress (c/o) // Gena Heels (c/o) // Handbag (c/o) // iPhone Case (c/o) // Sunglasses

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I love this look on you!! Kate Spade also has great bag finds today during their surprise sale 😍. Trying hard to resist buying all of the things!


“I can go from Carly to Wednesday Addams in 0.2 seconds.” Lol, this cracked me up. You should totally be Wednesday Adams for Halloween 🎃