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This felt like the world’s longest week. I’m hoping I’m not getting sick, but I have been feeling super run down. On Wednesday, I even woke up at 8 am. I normally wake up well before that even on a weekend. (I don’t set alarms unless I have to be up before six because who needs an alarm when you have puppies jumping on you? They must have been tired too because they were out like lights.)

Candied Apples

Even though I was tired, there was plenty of fun to be had! On Sunday, I drove up to Rhode Island for the inaugural Beach Polo Classic on Sunday, met up with my old manager for a little project in the city followed by a cooking class with Tuckernuck on Monday, and grabbed lunch with Julia before heading back to Connecticut to return to my regular life.

Anyway… here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Bug Juice Revival

My sister and I were obsessed with Bug Juice as kids. I remember counting down the days until a new episode aired. I was always so jealous of the kids who got to go. Well, the classic show is coming back!!! Great choice for a revival.

TWO // iPhone X

I can’t wait for the new iPhone X. I know the price tag is pretty hefty, but considering how much I use my phone and that it essentially serves as a computer for me throughout the day, I think it’s worth it. (And I like new gadgets… can’t resist the upgrade.) iJustine went to the recent Apple Event and did a thorough overview of the phones and their features.

THREE // Harry Potter Home Collection

PB Teen just released a Harry Potter collection and, omg, it’s everything. If you’re a superfan, be warned… you’ll want it all. I’m tempted to turn my apartment into a mini Hogwarts.

FOUR // Hurricane Facts

There aren’t words to describe how sick I am of hurricane memes. Having spent what felt like five days glued to the internet for information on Irma, I saw one too many memes and scare-tactic (entertaining vs. informative) videos. That said, the best “humorous” video I saw was this one where a citizen just straight up schools the reporter on the facts. He was READY for that moment of glory.

FIVE // US Open Ball People Try Outs

After going to the US Open the other week, I did get pretty interested in what it took to be a ball person. A few people from Buzzfeed put their skills to the test to see if they had what it takes. (Spoiler: they don’t!) It’s a lot harder than you’d think!

SIX // Hearth and Hand at Target

Stop the presses!!!! Chip and Jo Gaines are launching a collection at Target. Enough. Said.

SEVEN // Darci Lynn on America’s Got Talent

This little girl is bursting with talent. Not only does she have an insane voice, but she also sings as a ventriloquist… aka she doesn’t even open her mouth. It’s unreal.

EIGHT // Baby Goat

Anyone else obsessed with baby goat videos? Or really any goat videos. This one might be the best yet though. A snuggly baby!

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Hey Carly,

I think you have the wrong link for #2 iphoneX. It brings me to Abby Capalbio’s blog and her post on the ocean house beach polo classic. Not quite what I expected ha ha.


I am SO excited for Bug Juice coming back! It was one of my favorite shows growing up!
PS. you can watch the original episodes on YouTube! 😉


I am obsessed with the Harry Potter home collection, my roommate and I are already ordering some of the pillows and pennants as decorations (take note we are both 25 haha) – it’s too good to resist!

Have a great weekend, Carly!

xo, Taylor


As soon as I heard the news of the Bug Juice revival, I went back and watched the first season on YouTube. I remember having the biggest crush on Jason when I was like 9 years old. Haha! Can’t wait for the new episodes.

Briana |


The Harry Potter Collection- I want it all. My oldest kid is 4 and I CANNOT wait until she’s old enough so we can start reading the books.


How is getting an iPhone X compatible with trying to spend less time on your phone? I find that paring down the functions for which I use my phone greatly reduces my impulse to reach for it. Just curious as to how you reconcile the two!


For me there’s a difference between mindlesssly using my phone and having the best tool for my business. The iPhone X has a better camera and screen so taking and editing photos will be easier!

Jessica | The Magical Wife

Okay, this was probably your best ‘On My Radar’ ever. I might be a little biased because I am a ’90s kid… but BUG JUICE and POTTERY BARN HARRY POTTER?!?! I am squealing over here. Plus, I love Chip and Joanna Gaines. Ah, so much good news to hear on a Friday 🙂


You’re right, that Harry Potter set is unreal!! I kind of wish I was a kid again so I could get away with having this. Is it too early to be decorating for my kids ten years down the road?? Lol.