Kate Spade Presentation

Fashion Week is typically not my thing. There’s a lot going on and the pace of it is so insane– I’d rather see the professional photos that go up later in the day. The only exception… Kate Spade! Every year they raise their own bar and this time around they completely knocked it out of the park!
While some brands do runway shows, Kate Spade does a presentation. Which makes it really great for viewing in person. You can get a close up view, step back to see everything at once, and then go back to see a little detail you might have missed. 
This year’s presentation was in the iconic Rainbow Room. It’s at the top of 30 Rock with gorgeous downtown views on one side, Central Park views on the other, and a rotating dance floor smack dab in the center.  It’s a really big deal to attend an event there and I was definitely taking in every second.
It was truly the perfect setting for the collection. 
The only thing I don’t like about the presentation is that I end up doing shopping six months in advance. I wanted just about everything, especially all the gorgeous flats. The details are so, so cute and perfect.
^^ That plaid cape though. 
This red dress was my favorite. It truly a showstopper on the stage and stood out in such an amazing way.
Can’t wait for Fall/Winter? Here are my favorite picks right now: 

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Mary Higgins

the Kate Spade fashion show remains one of my favorites every fashion week! They always have such gorgeous peices and displays!