Under the Weather

I’ve been under the weather for the past few days. At first, I thought it was just a dry throat from the cold weather and then it just progressed and progressed until I couldn’t deny it anymore. Every February my high school chorus had a variety show that we put on (huge deal for us) and every year, without fail, I got sick right before the performance. (Really no other point mentioning that show other than it’s how I keep remembering that’s when I get sick.) Since then I’ve literally been sick almost February. We’re going on ten years here.
I have been drinking lots of tea and trying to rest, but ugh it’s just not fun.
Because my brain feels foggy, I’m throwing together a bunch of random thoughts into one post!
1. Eucalyptus Lip Relief– Is anyone else experiencing crazy dry lips and skin from the winter? I typically get really chapped lips whenever it’s cold but I think this year it’s been extra bad from wind burn while skiing. I have gone through half a tube of this Eucalyptus Lip Relief this month alone. Every time I open the bottle, it’s like a mini trip to the spa. And it really does make my lips feel remarkably better. 
2. J. Crew Pajamas– I bit the bullet and got the long J. Crew pajamas that I’ve been eyeing for a while. I had a short sleeve/cropped pants version that somehow didn’t make it to Connecticut. (Have no idea where they ended up!) I forgot how comfortable the cotton pajamas feel. On Monday, I had meetings in the city all day– it was freezing and snowing and my throat was killing me. Coming home and slipping into my pajamas was the best feeling ever. 
3. Essie Ballet Slippers– I went a month without painting my nails and it was so nice to not have to worry about chips or anything. I painted them bright pink for a party and felt like they were too bold! So I went another week without polish, but remembered I had Ballet Slippers. An old favorite! I remembered why I loved it so much and I don’t think I’ll be going bold again for a while.
4. Scalloped PinboardMy new pinboard finally came in… and it’s even better than I imagined. I didn’t realize just how giant it was (it’s huge), but it fits perfectly on one wall of my office space. it’s so big though that there’s so much room for things to be hung. I have quite a bit of empty space to work with still.
5. Loose Leaf Tea– I bought this Teavana Perfectea Maker in the store and use it a few times a day. Especially since I’ve been sick, I drink so much tea. After my morning coffee, I switch to tea for the rest of the day. I typically used tea bags, but loose leaf tea brewed well tastes even better. I watched this video to make sure I was using it correctly. Anyone else a fan?

So there’s my sick day post… a few random things! Have you gotten hooked on anything recently?

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Miranda Mills

Oh no! So sorry you're not feeling well – I do hope you feel better soon. May I recommended fresh ginger tea and honey? I find it so soothing when I have a cold / sore throat. Your new pinboard is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you've done with it when it's finished. Rest up and feel better! Miranda xxx

Rosie Golightly

Try having a cup ginger, lemon and honey. Whenever i have sore throat or seasonally affected cold i always have it like 2-3 cups a day. Or u can try English Tea Shop's ginger citrus tea. Hope you are getting well real soon!


The tea with the strainer is SO good… my mom caught me onto it. Try Teavanna’s “To Life” tea- it’s our favorite!


I really like using Essie's Ballet Slippers for my at-home French manicure!

I hope you feel better soon – I've managed to avoid the office cold and the flu that has been running around my boyfriend's family as well as our friends by making sure I use essential oils daily. Seriously – they're the best!

Sweet Spontaneity


Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I seem to get sick every Feb too, but mine is definitely due to allergies, which when they are terrible can make me feel terrible. A teaspoon of honey with drizzle of lemon always makes my throat feel better.
Feel better soon!
Dresses & Denim


I'm obsessed with JCrew pajamas. I have a few sets (both cotton and flannel) as well as long cotton pants. They're truly worth the money and so classically chic!