Kiel James Patrick- One of a Kind GIVEAWAY

There are few things in life that are truly one of a kind.
This, my friends, is definitely one of those things.
Are you ready?
I did a giveaway with him back in April and it was a huge success.  Except this one is EVEN BETTER…..
My love for Kiel (pronounced like Kyle) James Patrick dates way back… and I’ve seen him develop and grow as a businessman.  He’s the real deal.  Made in the U.S.A. Hard worker.  Lover of life.
Well guess what!  KJP designed a ONE OF A KIND bracelet for one lucky College Prep reader.  And when I say one of a kind, I mean ONE OF A KIND.
Here are the facts about the bracelet as told by KJP himself:


1.  100% Silk

2.  100% one of a kind (will never sell or make another one of these)


3.  1 of 7 bracelets I have ever made not using the signature KJP plaid backing

4.  Section of backing lined in vintage madras bought by my grammy in Nantucket, other section lined in silk pink dolphins

5.  Bracelet 100% crafted, sewn and photographed by me

6.  1 of 74 bracelets that I’ve ever made 1 of a kind.

7.  Hmmmm…  it so cool I sorta wish I had enough material to make for myself.

8.  Between size small to medium…  if doesn’t fit whoever wins it they can simply cut and adjust button.


Incredibly amazing, right?  Just want until you see it….
I am just in love with it!
Okay… now on to the rules for entering!
Required: Follow College Prep and Like KJP on Facebook
Additional Entries:
1 Entry- Sign up for Prep Talk (sign up form at bottom of post)
3 Entries- Blog about this amazing giveaway
Maximum entries= 5
Please comment ONCE on this post, letting me know which entries you have completed!
Giveaway will run from now until February 4 at 11:55 pm.
Winner announced on February 5.
Good luck!!!!



yay! I'm obviously a follower and just liked KJP on facebook…and am receiving Prep Talk! phew. {Sorry for the confusion!} I'd obviously LOVE to win this beauty–great giveaway! xoxo {av}

The Sailor in Pink

I am a CP follower, like KJP on facebook, I'm signed up for Prep Talk (and love it!), and I blogged about it on! 4 entries please! :]

Amelia Smith

I am a devoted follower of both, College Prep and KJP on facebook!
I also receive Prep Talk every Sunday night!


Five Entries Please!!! :)!

Liked everything…already receive Prep Talk…and posted it on my tumblr! 🙂

Beyond excited for this giveaway!!!


Definitely already following and getting Prep Talk, plus I 'liked' KJP and blogged the giveaway.
Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!


Five entries please! I liked CP and KJP on Facebook, I follow CP on tumblr and on Blogger, I already am on Prep Talk's email list, and I blogged about it on Tumblr (at

I'm extremely excited for this giveaway 🙂


I follow, I liked, and I have already been getting the always delightful Prep Talk! Loving the sailboats on the bracelet!


I follow CP and i liked KJP; and I subscribe to prep talk and i blogged about this amazing bracelet! 🙂


I follow College Prepster && like KJP on facebook. I signed up for PrepTalk &&& Blogged on tumblr about this!


I folllow your blog, liked KJP on Facebook and am already signed up for Prep Talk… 2 entries please!


Hi! I follow your blog, I already like KJP on FB and I am signed up for Preptalk. Thank you!

Kimberly P.

This is a fantastic giveaway, plus we have the same initials! I like KJP on facebook and I'm already signed up for prep talk!


Heck yessssss I'm a follower, like Kiel James Patrick on facebook and I signed up for Prep Talk. I truly love your blog AND THIS GIVEAWAY. xoxo


This is so awesome!!!
I follow you and like KJP, am signed up for Prep Talk, andddd reblogged on Tumblr- (5)!!!
Thanks Carly!


I'm a follower, I like KJP on facebook and I've subscribed to Prep Talk!!
This is a great giveaway!


I follow you here and on tumblr. I "like" KJP on Facebook. I blogged about this (, and I already get Prep Talk.


I am a follower, I liked KJP of facebook (but I wish I could have loved it) and I signed up for Prep Talk.


follow CP
like KJP
signed up for Prep Talk
blogged on tumblr

love this bracelet and would love to add it to my KJP collection!


I already like KJP on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and signed up for the mailing list. I own 3 KJP bracelets and would love to add this to my collection!

Emma Haskell

I'm a follower of college prep, a subscriber of preptalk and I already liked kjp on facebook! blogging about it as soon as I leave this site!


YAY! I knew a one of a kind was coming, but as a giveaway makes it even better!!

I follow CP
Like KJP on Facebook
avid Prep Talk reader
and made a post about this giveaway on my tumblr!

Thanks so much for offering this great prize 🙂


1) I follow & enjoy your blog via GFC
2) I already follow/like KJP

Thanks so much. Enjoy your weekend.


I Re-blogged this post,follow your blog, i also and already a fan of Kiel James Patrick on Facebook, and signed up for prep-talk.

good luck you guys!!!!!!!

Caitlin M.

I'm a follower, I like KJP on Facebook, and I already subscribed to Prep Talk. LOVE this bracelet! Such a great giveaway!


I have liked KJP on facebook, am on the mailing list for Prep talk, and follow your blog.

Love the bracelet!


1.CP follower :D, 2.i like KJP on facebook (loving the new photos of the spring collection, i cant wait!- the copper button is so cute!)3.Also signed up for Prep Talk and 4.ive also blogged about this on my blog (

Good luck everyone 😀


Hi College Prepster! I like KJP on facebook, follow your fabulous blog, and just signed up for Prep Talk! Such a cute bracelet!!!


I follow CP, like JPK on facebook, I've already signed up for Preptalk, and I blogged about the giveaway (! 🙂


1.follow CP
2.follow KJP on FB
3signed-up for Prep Talk
4.blogged on The Daily Prep, abt. this giveaway
5.blogged on QueenBeeSwain abt. this giveaway
just to be sure I also blogged abt. this giveaway to a French Blog,"Bodie and Fou" for international exposure. Thaks

Pink & Preppy

HI, I absolutely Love this!!
1. I am a follower and I like KJP (+1)
2. I already get Prep talk (+1)
3. And I blogged about this on my site allways pink and preppy (+3)

total of 5 entries!!


Carly, I am so excited about this giveaway! I have loved KJP products for quite some time now and this sailboats bracelet is one of my favs!!

1. Longtime follower of you & KJP on Facebook
2. Definitely getting Prep Talk because it's the best weekly newsletter out there 🙂
3. Just posted about the giveaway!


Love this!

1) Follower and I like KJP on Fbook (1)
2) Blogged about it on (3)

4 entries total, thanks!

How Sweet It Is

I follow you of course and like KJP on FB.
I signed up for Prep Talk before its debut and I love it!
I am blogging about this giveaway tomorrow, check it out on! Thanks for hosting! XO


I follow CP and I like KJP on Facebook. I signed up for Prep Talk a while back. I first discovered KJP at Murray's Toggery Shop on Nantucket, so I love that this bracelet is designed with fabric bought on Nantucket…and the rainbow sail boats are so fitting!


I have liked KJP on fb and already receive Prep Talk!
Love this!!


One entry please! I follow College Prep, like KJP on Facebook and receive Prep Talk. I bought some of his earrings last summer and fell in love with them!


I like KJP, follow CP, I read Prep Talk every sunday and I reblogged the entry on tumblr! (
That bracelet is adorable!!!


1) I liked KLP on facebook
2) I already follow CP (
3) I already read Prep Talk every week (can't wait for tomorrow's!)
4) I blogged about your give-away (


Liked KJP on facebook, am a follower and already have signed up for Preptalk (really enjoy it too).

Thank you!!


you are absolutely AMAZING, what a wonderful giveaway. it's very kind of you, and the bracelet is beautiful! I've always been such a big fan of KJP

i have already liked KJP on FB, I'm a follower, and i signed up for Prep Talk

xx elle


I follow you, I'm signed up for Prep Talk (ofcourse) and i like KJP on facebook! Awesome giveaway!!!!


I follow CP, and I liked KJP on FB! I also love Prep Talk on Sundays.



I'm a FB follower… and I follow KJP on twitter. I mean, thats not listed as an entry, but I figures it helps to cover all my social networking bases…?
Pick me! I LOVE KJP!


I am a CP follower, I "liked" KJP on facebook, and I'm signed up for Prep Talk!! 🙂

Thanks for doing this giveaway!


Hey Carly,
I love your blog, read prep talk, follow your tumblr,and your twitter. I favorited KJP on FB today as well as reblogged the entry you posted on tumblr via my tumblr. I wrote a little post on my tumblr ( ) a week or two ago about your blog and that you answered my question about preppy on a budget 🙂 I love your fashion centered blog and that you are doing this awesome give away. I think this is 5 entries 🙂


ahhh! love kjp and college prepster!!!
1) follow blog and like kjp on facebook
2) receive preptalk emails


I follow you, like KJP on facebook, I subscribe to prep talk and I blogged! So 5 entries! 🙂


this is so amazing! I'm of course a follower, liked KJP on Facebook and have been receiving Prep Talk 🙂


definitely putting this on my tumblr, loveddd KJP, and am looking forward to tonight's prep talk! happy sunday!


Hey, I follow you on twitter, I blogged this on my facebook (since I don't have a blog), and I just signed up for prep talk. Good luck to all the applicants!


so. excited. I am a CP follower, like KJP on fb, i reblogged this via tumblr and I signed up for Prep Talk. is that 3 or 4 entries? 🙂


I liked KJP on facebook, follow PrepTalk and blogged about this on my tumblr blog. Loving this giveaway!


I'm a follower,
I liked KJP on facebook,
I am signed up for PrepTalk,
and I blogged about this on my tumblr


Following CP and KJP. Already getting Prep Talk 🙂 And I reblogged on Tumblr (idk if that counts)

<3 it!


oh! i ADORE this!
i would LOVELOVELOVE to win this giveaway!

I like KJP on facebook
I have been signed up (and loving) Prep Talk since issue 1
and I follow you!

3 entries here!


I'm a CP follower, and I liked KJP on Facebook. I've been receiving (and loving) Prep Talk since the first issue, and I just blogged about the giveaway on my Tumblr… Such a great bracelet! 🙂


I am a follower of your blog & I like KJP on facebook & I am signed up for Prep Talk & I blogged about your amazing giveaway on my blog:

So I am thinking that is 5 entries!

You along with KJP rock.


-liked KJP:):):)
– follow the College Prepster and LOVE IT.
– subscribe to Prep Talk!… such a good way to jumpstart my week 🙂


Hey! Love the bracelet, so cute!
I follow CP and I liked KJP on facebook. Tried multiple times to subscribe, but it didn't want to cooperate, so that's two (2) enteries for me!


Omg I am so excited!! I love KJP – I got my boyfriend one of his bracelets for Christmas! This is so exciting, a one-of-a-kind!

I follow CP and I [already] liked KJP on Facebook! 🙂


Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway Carly!! 🙂
I'm a follower, I like KJP on facebook and I've been reading Prep Talk every sunday night!!


-Liked KJP on facebook
-I already follow CP 🙂
-Posted to my blog
-Signed up for Prep Talk

Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!!


I am a follower and love your blog! I "liked" KJP on facebook and subscribed to "Prep Talk"! Yeah! Fab giveaway!

LB Plate

Love KJP!!

I follow you and like KJP and signed up for Prep Talk…great giveaway 🙂


I'm following your blog, i liked KJP on facebook, and i'm signed up for prep talk!!! I LOVE THAT BRACELET!!!


Of course I follow you,
I signed up for prep talk… super fun!
& I liked KJP on facebook!

Hopefully I have better luck this year. hehe!


i am following CP and i liked KJP on facebook. I also signed up for prep talk. i loved this weeks newsletter 😀 the bracelet is amazing.
thank you for this giveaway! i would love to win.


I am following College Prepster and I liked KJP on Facebook.
I receive Prep Talk each week (I've subscribed).
I reblogged about the giveaway on my tumblr. (

Thanks for doing all of these giveaways!


Hey Carly! This giveaway is beyond amazing!

I'm a CP follower, I like KJP on Facebook, and I'm a subscriber to Prep Talk!

Lannon E

I am a subscriber to Prep Talk, and liked KJP on facebook, and of course follow CP!!


I like KJP on Facebook I am a CP follower and I also subscribe to Prep Talk. I am also a crew dog!!!


Hey there sweet girly girl, I would so love to be entered in your AMAZING giveaway! I would follow you anywhere, I like KJP on FB and follow on Twitter too. His designs are so unique and what an honor to have on custom made in your lovely name! 🙂 Hugs to you xoxoox


I follow both of yall, this is probably one of my favorite KJPs I've ever seen!!

prep love, Rachel


so freaking cute!

I follow you, liked kiel james patrick on facebook, i am signed up for prep talk, and I blogged about this super fantastic giveaway over at!!!

aka, five entries, please 🙂

Carolina Belle

Oh goodness.

I follow, you love KJP on FB, I signed up for Prep Talk, and I blogged about this over at my blog:!!

5 entries and a wish for that DARLING bracelet!!


I follow you and KJP on facebook, and I signed up for Prep Talk! Thank you so much for having this contest!


ooooh, I've been wanting one of these, but can't settle on a design.

I'm a follower now, and "liked" KJP, plus I signed up for the newsletter (excited for that, too).


I follow college prep, liked KJP and have been signed up for prep talk since day one! love love love prep talk — especially the recipes!

So four entries 🙂

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