Tumblr Faves

Those who follow me on Twitter know how much I love tumblr.
Tumblr is to Blogger as an M&M is to a Chocolate Bar
The M&M is just as tasty as a Chocolate Bar, but you can eat a bunch of the tiny morsels as opposed to eating one big bar of chocolate.  Okay…. poor attempt at an analogy.
But really, tumblr is easy and quick.
Lots of my favorite bloggers are joining tumblr- and I’m thrilled!!!
And a bunch of favorite companies are on tumblr now too.  And I am absolutely so in love with the quirky, beautiful, inspiring, and unique things they post.
Here are my favorites!
Gadabout– words of the day with clever definitions and beautiful pictures
The Preppy Princess– Yes.  THE Preppy Princess
Matchstick Mag– Pretty tidbits of perfection
Hello Hello Design– One of the graphic designers/illustrators for Kate Spade (AND Matchstick Mag)
The Pursuit of Style– Just as amazing as the real blog
The Gameday Girls– provides sneak peeks to new products
Check out these tumblrs!!!
Oh, and check out mine too 🙂  It’s a lot more “Carly.”  And, don’t forget, you can always ask me questions through mine.

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heather elizabeth

this was great! i just started using tumblr, so i have been constantly searching for new tumblrs to follow. perfect timing! i'm still in the beginning stages, but you can check mine out if you'd like – I'll be writing about working PR in NYC, and I know you want to do that, so you might find it interesting.


Your tumblr is one of my own favorites, and I'm actually a huge fan of Matchbook Magazine, too. I didn't know that The Preppy Princess had a tumblr–must follow!

The Preppy Princess

Holy Top-siders Miss Prepster! I cannot tell you how flattered I am that you included us on your listing of tumblr faves, that is a huge compliment, and we are both just tickled.

With appreciation,


Thank you so much for all your tips! You have now gotten me addicted to bloggin/tumblr/twitter. You are quite the inspiration! Keep on Keepin' on 🙂


Already follow you, Pursuit of Style and matchbookMag!! I love the others…added to my long list of following blogs. Tumblr is amazing. Inspiring & Wonderful!