There is an adorable cafe in Georgetown where you can get the most
amazing Nutella lattes- iced or hot.
The dilemma: they hit your wallet hard at $5 each.  Determined to have
access to cheap Nutella lattes everyday, Little V set out to find out
their recipe.
You will need:
1 Espresso Maker (Krups sells one for $60 that works like magic- Krups
Model XP 1020 Espresso Machine)
1 Frothing Pitcher (again, can get one for $13 from Krups)
Ground Espresso (Little V prefers Lavazza Caffe Espresso)
optional: cocoa powder
The “recipe” itself is totally simple
The hardest part is figuring out how to work your espresso machine.
Brew the espresso- Little V prefers a 1-1 ratio of espresso to frothed milk.
Pour the fresh brewed espresso into a mug.  Add 1+ tbs of nutella
while the espresso is still super hot (the nutella will mix better).
Froth the milk (skim milk froths better)  and pour into the mug.
Optional: sprinkle cocoa powder on top of the frothed milk and serve.
Little V, the mathematics guru that she is, calculated that the cost of the machine and frother alone would be 15 lattes at Starbucks, or 7 nutella lattes at the special cafe.  She thinks
that we have already made about 50 lattes and have only had the
machine for 2 weeks!!
Drink up!!!

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why was this place not in operation when I was there!?!? so jealous. I adore Nutella! too bad they're so expensive! yay for making your own 🙂 have a great week, my dearest! xoxo {av}

Megan Clair


Could you do a post about organizing your cosmetics, nail polish, shoes, scarves, etc? Maybe a closet pictorial? Just wondering how you organize all of those little extra things that we acquire and it takes forever to find the perfect system for them. Thanks!

Preppy Sue

So cute, sounds yummy! Would you believe I've had an espresso maker for almost 14 years and it's never been used?? I think you've inspired me!

Sheena. G

My fave recipe is a spoonful of instant coffee with 2 packets of hot chocolate and ice and water and it's an instant frappe! It's amazing I sware!