Ladies Lounge

The room at the end of the hallway was once a spare bedroom.  Then it was a playroom.  When we outgrew the playroom, it turned back into a spare bedroom.  Eventually, the room was never used.  Sporty Sister and I wanted to make the room a place to hang out in with friends.
We (aka me) created a power point presentation on what we wanted to the room to be.  We included pictures of everything we needed.  Thankfully, we totally sold him on the idea and began ordering.
It’s been quite a work in progress trying to get everything finished.  The last part was just completed a few weeks ago when we finally put stuff up on the walls!  Check it out!

Welcome to the Ladies Lounge!

My mom had a book full of old Vogue covers.  We went through and picked out our favorite six.  It was tough, but we finally narrowed it down to our favorites.

How cute?!

A painting I did in middle school way back when I had time to paint… (Georgia O’Keeffe inspired)  It’s been sitting on the floor of my bedroom for a while now and finally found a home!

The other three are on the opposite wall above the couch!
-College Prepster
PS California Funk and I are having a HEATED debate over the correct spelling of the shortened/abbreviated word for FAVORITE.  The debate is between “fave” and “fav.”
We would appreciate YOUR input greatly!

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Victoria R

fave. definitely

carly, this is vic from harbin 3 btw. i was wondering what your take is on the cutoff date for wearing white. labor day? i am starting to pack for school and am wondering if it is even worth it to pack my white pants, dresses, etc. if i can only wear them for two weeks.

perhaps you can post on this? thanks!


Only until Labor Day up north…all winter in the south, however, it appears white has disappeared from the spectrum when shopping…too bad..for a while there was winter white!


Hello, just wanted to stop by and leave you a comment because I've really enjoyed reading your lovely posts. Your pictures are fantastic too – thank you for sharing your writing !