I’ve been loving my Instagram feed lately. There’s so much to work with when the city is this pretty and fun.
1 // I’ve had this vision of doing a photoshoot with Jess and our matching Santa hats. We love getting breakfast together, a fun little tradition, so we met up at Sarabeth’s on Central Park South. Bekka joined us and we snapped the pictures in front of the fountain by the Plaza. The water is off for the winter, but it’s filled with Christmas trees and twinkly lights!!!  
2 // Love love love the notecards Erisha sent me. They’re PERFECT for holiday notes to my girlfriends!
3 // Who doesn’t love a good red manicure in December. I have way too many red nail polishes, but they all look different to me… so I try to mix it up every few days.
4 // Snapped these trees the same night as the Into the Woods premier. The white/blue lights aren’t typically my favorite, but there were so many of them that it really popped against the rest of midtown!
5 // Best. Decorated. House. Honestly, whoever was in charge of the garland and ornaments deserves a raise. I love how they wrapped the vine in front of the house too. Teddy and I took a longer than usual lunch walk the other day because I couldn’t stop looking at all the houses!
6 // Furbish Studio sent me these adorable glasses and that incredible pillow. The glasses were promptly filled with sweets!
Just absolutely loving this season!

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