I’m the first one to admit that I do and say some of the dumbest stuff. Really. I mispronounce words all the time, I sometimes completely blank out mid-sentence, and I just generally embarrass myself on the reg.

In my opinion, there’s also nothing better than a good belly laugh. I sometimes start laughing and just…. can’t stop. And the worst part is that my laugh is not one of those cute laughs. It’s a crazy mix between a cackle and a hyena’s call.

But laughter is almost always the solution. Obviously when it’s appropriate

I used to be so worried about being embarrassed that I’d just avoid putting myself in any kind of situations where I thought I could make a fool of myself. This just made me miss out on a lot of things. Was not being laughed at worth all the missing out? Nope.

A little cliche, but it’s way more fun to laugh along or even be the one laughing. At the end of the day, it’s only a minor hiccup in the day. I tend to only remember the laughing part after and I don’t even focus– or remember– why I made myself laugh in the first place.

There are so many situations– almost too many to count– recently where I’ve just done something so dumb. Embarrassingly stupid. The other day, I was walking Teddy around the neighborhood and had to pick up his poop. I do this all the time with no problems, but this day for some reason I don’t even know what happened… I ended up with a hand just covered in poop. And not even close to my apartment…. Great. I just looked down at my hand and burst into laughter. I laughed the whole way home. Hysterically. It was disgusting and embarrassing, but gosh was it funny.

The one thing to be careful about, is that if you’re laughing you’re giving permission to others to laugh along as well. You just have to remember that so you don’t get your feelings hurt. You’re laughing and everyone else can laugh, too.

Sometimes I have to force myself to laugh. When I want to crawl into a hole and hide away forever, that’s when I know I need to laugh the most. I tend to replay the scene over and over again in my head (anyone else?) and while that can make it worse, I try to pretend like I’m watching someone else on Youtube. Then I find whatever happened funny, because I take myself and my own embarrassment out of the picture.

I do believe a good cry is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, but don’t write off a good laugh! Give it a try.

When you get embarrassed, do you embrace it and laugh as well?

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I laugh at myself all the time! Sometimes you just have to get over it and force yourself to move on. I love your trick about pretending you are watching yourself on YouTube. If you would laugh at someone else doing it, you might as well laugh at yourself.

Annie Belle


At some point in highschool I realized that I could make others laugh and it became a real turning point in my life. I found something that made, not only myself happy, but also my peers happy. Comedy is now my biggest passion. I don't really laugh out loud a lot though, and your post reminded me of this. Steve Carell once stated, "nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard." I really appreciate this post Carly, because for me, I'm often too focused on making others laugh to take the time to laugh myself!

– Cheyenne


This post came at the perfect time. I have lately (in the past few years) become increasingly self-conscious and uptight. I'm not able to let loose and enjoy myself because I'm afraid of being embarrassed. I have to remember this next time I'm feeling anxious… I'll just laugh my fears away!

Alyssa J Freitas

I completely concur! Laughing at myself is something I do all of the time; even when no one else is around to see what mischief I've gotten myself into. Then I tend to tell everyone I encounter so they can get a laugh out of it too. Nice post Carly!

Alyssa J Freitas

Sylvia Dennis

It's funny how I read your blog everyday and you really are a NYC version of me! I am always so scared of being embarrassed I actually feel like being my other half helped me so much in realising I should laugh at myself sometimes 🙂

xo Sylvia

Kaitlin Olivero

This is very important! Interestingly enough, I posted something similar TODAY for our daily staff newsletter. I write a health tip/life tip every day to liven up our boring bullet points, and today I featured a tip about laughing and crying, how both are really fantastic for your health… then I read your post, too funny!

I was finding myself feeling less than fantastic for a few months, a slump of sorts. Then, one day, something was truly funny and I laughed real hard, that kind that makes you cry and have ab soreness the next day! I realized I just wasn't laughing enough, which totally affects your mood! And like you said, crying/sobbing has a similar release, but isn't laughing just so much better? 😀 Great post, definitely inspiring me to write about this!


Nothing wrong with a good hard laugh. According to doctor's, it's really good for us. If you're not laughing, you're not living your best life (in my opinion). As for blanking out mid-sentence or mispronoucing words…. how about blanking on how to spell words. I went to Dartmouth for goodness sake! How did I do so well on my papers? Thank god for spell check I guess. Geez, my parents wasted a lot of money on me. We all need to keep laughing!

Audrey Lin

There's a Tumblr post I saw that I relate to very much that goes something along the lines of: Tumblr has given me a sense of humor that nobody in the real world can understand. People on Tumblr are actually so clever. It's really interesting how some posts are so self-absorbed while others are so self-depreciating, but somehow I can relate to all of them, and whenever I'm feeling down, all I need to do is scroll down my Tumblr dash 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


When I get embarrassed, I always laugh. I read a lot about laughter, and the number of ways we use it is crazy! Some people even laugh when they're nervous (like myself)! I think that when we get embarrassed, or when we make little mistakes, the best way to hide it is laughter. How many times has a teacher asked you a question and you answer with "I don't know!", and a big smile on your face, when nothing is even supposed to be funny?

Antonia Caba

I love love love to belly laugh. Those sorts of laughs can turn the most dismal events around. In times of embarrassment, I tend to shy away from the situation, although I know I should just embrace it and laugh!

xox, Antonia
Bashful and Bubbly

Fairy Princess Jord

I'm always laughing at myself and the awkward situations I get myself into! I used to be so embarrassed all the time but now I realize how much less stressful life is when I just can be okay with my awkward self.

Gena Newcomb

That is an awesome tip on pretending to be watching someone else's youtube video! I replay embarrassing things all the time in my head but I just tried your tip and I burst out laughing!


yup, i find that the times i just want to retreat into my bed-snack-hut (LOL) are the times i need to take care of myself the most! and being happy is definitely good for one's health 🙂 i am way too awkward, i need to try your youtube tip!

alaina shea

I am one of the most embarrassing people ever. Like EVER. But in order to not hate myself for being stupid and silly, I'll just laugh and laugh. It lightens the mood and makes a situation a bit lighter! I love laughing!

Katie McCarty

Sometimes in life it's just more fun to laugh at ourselves! The dog poop story is so funny. I wish we could just sit here all day and tell each other funny stories.