Cold Weather

Layering for Cold Weather

I recently shared my coat guide for the cold months. Your comments and emails made my day, mostly because I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one who took forever to figure out how to dress warmly. Another element of this is layering. Often, you’ll hear people talking about the importance of dressing like an onion, particularly when traveling. What does that mean exactly, and how does one go about this?

It’s a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science. I tweak things as I go, but the best part is that you can end up having a number of outfits, ready for all kinds of weather, with just a few key pieces. I’m walking you through how I like to layer in this post in partnership with Nordstrom. It’s a one-stop shop; my look head to toe is all from there. As always, with free shipping and free returns, you can ensure that you have everything you need before the first real cold snap. (Which seems to be coming any day now here in Connecticut!)


So this is what it looks like to be all bundled up! What you’ll see though, is that you can make all the pieces work together in different permutations.

Halogen Cashmere Sweater

Here’s the base. It’s pretty simple, but honestly, I’d definitely wear this as is. While it may not be a ~blog worthy~ outfit, it’s an easy one that I feel great in. The sweater is 100% cashmere and under $90. It comes in a bunch of colors; I’m wearing the burgundy which is downright beautiful in person.

Need a little bit more warmth? Layer with a cozy fleece. I think this might be Patagonia’s most popular fleece. It’s THE cutest and even comes in a vest if you want something even more versatile.

Patagonia Los Gatos

Or maybe you just go for an oversized, chunky scarf. This one is ridiculously soft and only $24!!! I tend to pack scarves in my carry-on, no matter where I’m going, because I get chilly on train/plane/car rides. Because this scarf is so big, it can be worn like a shawl or used as a blanket.

Affordable Plaid Scarf

And a little beanie for cold ears. This one has a cute faux fur pom on top and doesn’t “slouch” too much.

Barbour Beanie

Navy Barbour Beadnell

I topped off the look with a Barbour Beadnell. Barbours are the best for layering. They’re warm (although not the warmest) on their own, but with the right layers underneath, you can really create a cozy outfit for a cold day.

Barbour Beadnell

In this instance, I would wear the sweater with the scarf and the Barbour (above) or the sweater with the Patagonia and the Barbour (below). Because the scarf is so big and the fleece is fluffy, it’s a little too much to wear altogether, but it’s nice to have options!

Layering with a Barbour Beadnell

Cashmere Sweater // Patagonia Fleece Jacket // Similar Jeans // Booties (25% off) // Scarf // Beanie // Similar Bracelet // Similar Necklace // Longchamp // Lipstick: “Jane”

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.

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Love how thick this scarf is-definitely a must when it gets cold. Sometimes I feel like the kid from A Christmas Story with how much I bundle up in the winter…oh well…it’s SO worth it!

Meredith Rose

Legit just added half these items to my Nordstrom wish list so I can remember to send them to my mom as Christmas gift hints! (And probably to give as gifts too!) Thanks for this awesome post! Normal, wearable, cute outfit ideas like this are my favorite.


I went with the XS, I was right in between and could have gone either way, but the XS was easier to layer under other coats. The small would be perfect for an oversized look!


Great post! I need help in the layering deparment. My Florida blood is still too thin for Carolina winters. (Which I know are still not that bad!)


This is my struggle. Went to college at UNC and the weather did my Floridian blood it. Anything below 70 and I was wrapped up!


One of the main reasons why I love Fall so much is the layering! That burgundy sweater you’ve got on is lovely – really nice colour!

Eleanor Grace

It’s getting pretty chilly in the Cotswolds, England, so this is some well received advice!

Does anybody know how to get your hands on the Patagonia fleece in the UK, or know of a similar jacket? I NEED it!


Eleanor – I’m fairly certain they ship internationally. It may cost more, but the items are worth it. Their stuff lasts forever, and I really love the company’s philosophy.


Love this simple, yet stylish outfit for fall/winter! I also struggle with either wearing too much clothing or not enough for the change in morning/afternoon/evening temps in the fall, lol. Great post!


Layering in New England is a must! I’m starting a new job in Boston and the train/walking will become part of my commute just as winter hits. This type of layering will be great to bundle for the cold walk, but not get overheated going in and out of buildings. Thanks for the inspiration!