7 Recipes That Are Better Than Takeout

This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I try so hard to avoid ordering takeout. (Except for Saturday nights because I almost always “need” a pizza by then!) With all these apps available, it’s easier than ever to have all kinds of delicious food show up at your door within an hour. Not only is it expensive, delivery is often not that healthy. Louisa is here this week sharing recipes that are better than takeout– they look amazing!

7 Recipes That Are Better Than Takeout

Guest Post by Louisa from Living Lou

November is a month where I try to watch my spending as much as possible because I know the holidays are coming and before you know it, your calendar will be filled with holiday plans—and not to mention the holiday shopping! So during this month, I’ll try and eat as many of my meals at home and bring my lunch to work every day.

Like most big cities, we have so many options for takeout in Toronto; you can get any food delivered whenever you want it. I’ve rounded up seven of my favorite “better than takeout” recipes that you can make this month.

1. Brown rice mujaddara

Last February I became obsessed with this Middle Eastern restaurant in Toronto (I would literally go weekly, it became my go-to after work spot) and I would always order their mujaddara, so after a bunch of tries, I finally shared my take on the popular dish of rice, lentils, and caramelized onions.

2. Asparagus, zucchini and tofu stir-fry

This is one of my favorite quick, vegetarian stir-fry recipes. You could swap out the zucchini and asparagus for different veggies (I think broccoli would be fab in this recipe).

3. Peanut chicken stir-fry

If you love peanut sauce, this is the recipe for you—I mean, who doesn’t love peanut sauce? With coconut milk and sriracha, this stir fry hits the sweet and spicy notes, it’s perfect for a chilly fall evening.

4. Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

Ordering in Indian takeout is one of my favorite things to do in the winter, and this chicken tikka masala recipe uses the flavor profile of the classic dish but adapts for a slow cooker. Through my research, I’ve learned that chicken tikka masala is cooked in two parts, the masala is the sauce and spice mixture while the chicken tikka is marinated chicken cooked in a tandoor oven.

5. Slow cooker butter chicken

Another staple from my Indian takeout order, this recipe was my first time experimenting with Indian cuisine in my kitchen, and it has quickly become one of my most popular recipes.

6. Spicy ginger scallion soup

I’ve always had a thing for Japanese and Vietnamese soups, and this spicy ginger scallion soup recipe was inspired by the many cold nights I would spend chatting with friends over steaming hot bowls of soup. Plus this recipe comes together in 20-minutes which is faster than waiting for your takeout order to arrive.

7. Vegetarian Singapore noodles

Literally one of my favorite dishes, stir-fried curried noodles get a vegetarian twist with this perfect better-than-takeout recipe.

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

“Better than takeout”–you know the way to sell it to me! The asparagus, zucchini, and tofu stir-fry sounds delicious (stir-fry is my usual go-to when I’m feeling uncreative, but I haven’t yet tried this combination!), and butter chicken is what I always order when I get Indian! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Erin Lucy

This definitely came at a great time for me as well. I have definitely gotten lazy about meals and I desperately needs some new ideas. Also I have been looking for a good chicken tikka masala recipe for a while so I will be sure to try this one!


Stephanie Grace

oh my goodness! You changed your brand name! (I know that you’ve been talking about changing it for quite some time now) I am so happy for you! I’m not sure whether I was looking at your instagram or your YouTube channel but I thought to myself, “maybe she will change her brand name to Carly”! Anyways, congrats! 🎉