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I was given I Love Macarons by a friend, and it’s such a wonderful cookbook.  The recipes for macarons aren’t necessarily difficult, but they take a lot of time and even more patience.
I decided to test out a lemon recipe.  I’ve made macarons before, but not using a recipe from this book.  I made three trips to the grocery store… phew.  If that’s not patience, I don’t know what is.
The best part about this book is that they use tons of pictures to really show you what’s going on.  And they provide lots of variations so you can mix and match flavors and fillings.  I went with a normal outside and lemon curd filling.
(Just sayin, we ended up dipping the cookie part right into the lemon instead of making sandwiches!  So yummy!)
The ingredients… take 1.  Word to the wise: It’s much easier to buy almond meal than grounding almonds with a kitchen grounder thingamajig.

The yellow food coloring barely worked, I definitely didn’t use enough… but they’re still cute.  Imperfectly cute 🙂

Anyone else try their hand at macarons?  Tips?  Success?

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Katy Z

I've made macarons before and it's definitely not simple, I think people underestimate them. Just keep trying and they'll get better! Mine ended up puffier than yours but still not perfect. Be careful when mixing the batter, don't want to over mix. That's all I can remember from my attempt. But I plan to try again!


So cute!! I'm also loving macarons right now… took me three tries to get mine perfectly though! I totally agree about the almond meal part, and another great tip I heard that really makes them fluffy is to use eggs that are a couple days old and let them sit out for a while to get to room temperature before you beat the whites.

Loving all these lemon treats! 🙂


I've done it before, the most important thing is to watch the oven to make sure they get "feet". Also just use a food processor to ground the almonds, I just let it go for a few minutes will I set up the rest of the recipe!


there are so many different websites w/ different tips, I get so confused sometimes. What I noticed when making them is that humidity makes a difference (when I tried to make them in MD they came out flat, then when I made them in MN they were way fluffier.) Also, do you "rap/tap/tap" them once they are on a sheet? It is supposed to get the air bubbles out. I noticed a difference when I "rapped" them compared to when I didn't. : )


slap the pan on the counter a decent amount and they will rise and get that classic macaroon shape better!