Lil Blue Boo- Subway Art

Do you guys follow Lil Blue Boo? Seriously, the best best best crafting/sewing blog ever. Boo (the daughter) is the most precious thing in the entire world. And Ashley is incredibly talented. I’m so jealous of her painting abilities. [No really, take a look at her portraits!!!]

I was showing Soccer Mom some of the portraits the other day and we stumbled on an older post with a tutorial for a Subway Art sign.

Epic, right??? [CP Sidenote: we changed HIKE OFTEN to DON’T JUDGE] The tutorial calls for the crafter to make a wooden thingamabob to paint on… but considering that SM and I are not gifted in that world, we just used a canvas!

We placed it on the wall behind the wet bar in between the living room and kitchen. It really ties the two rooms together. And your eye is really drawn to it when you walk in from either room.

In order to put it on that wall, we had to do some rearranging of other hung paintings. Our Tampa house (we have one for every city) was moved to the back wall. And one of my own paintings [a little recreation of Hopper’s Chop Suey] was moved to hallway by the mudroom.

Well I couldn’t stop with just the one in the living room… oh no… Soccer Mom has a little Microsoft Word problem of cutting and pasting ALL the time. Oh my word, she cuts and pastes everything. So I made this one for her office! [CP sidenote: I recommend using fonts sans serif… this one was SO difficult to cut out.]

And I made a little one for Sporty Sister…. um, so I guess y’all know her name now! Hope she doesn’t mind!!! This font was really fun! But it was so difficult to cut out the little “ann.”

I just want to thank Ashley from Lil Blue Boo for sharing such a wonderful tutorial!!!


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The Sailor in Pink

love this idea! I'm moving into a new house and am definitely going to use this somewhere in my new room! also, your house looks beautiful!
OoXx The Sailor in Pink

Amanda Tavares

Hey! So I think all of your posts are just FAB and I love, love, love all of your ideas! This website is actually my homepage on safari. So I know you must be super busy but I thought of no one better to go to for this advice: senior pictures. I'm having my senior pictures done on Friday afternoon and I'm not sure what is best to wear! The photographer that is doing my pictures has shot tons of other girls in my school already and I want mine to pop. I was thinking Lilly for one change, but what do you think for the others? I can have as many as I want so a few ideas would be so appreciated. If you respond to this, thank you a million times!