Last Day

Today is my last full day home 🙁

I leave bright and early Wednesday morning. I’m excited to see all my friends. I can’t wait for crew to start back up. And I’m anxious (in a good way) for my internship.

But I’m definitely going to be missing a few things about being home. I’ve loved spending time with my family, having brunch on Sunday mornings at the cc, drinking countless Starbucks iced coffees, seeing my friends, doing crafts, sewing, reading, swimming, baking, babysitting the best littles ever, and more. I know I’m also just going to miss the aspect of being home.

In past summers, we’ve had to use all sorts of tactics to fend off the mosquitoes. For some reason, we had NONE this summer. THANKFULLY. This meant we could read out on the porch. Which I loved loved loved 🙂

A perfect place for a warm cat nap 🙂
And great for grilling!

Where’s your hideout from the summer sun?


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oh my gosh! Your porch is fabulous! I would spend every moment of summer there if it was mine!! =) You're so lucky!