Post It for Laptops!

Ummmm. Hello. GEN-IUS.

A Post It dispenser for laptops!!!

I think California Funk is gonna like these too!
Some pictures from the Post It website.

Oh hello there, Post Its within reach!

Don’t forget the milk!

The packs are really thin. Which is great because you can still fit your laptop in a case! But they include 50 sheets! Wow! It’s really easy to replace a pack of notes or remove from your laptop.

I’m just saying, this is going to make trips to the library a LITTLE more bearable 🙂


Post It = sticky note
Xerox = photo copier
Kleenex = Tissue
Q- Tip = cotton swab

Does anyone else play this game???

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Omg I totally saw those yesterday and thought of you. I bought some & absolutely love them! I also found a portable post-it holder that comes with a pen and two sizes of sticky notes. It's so adorable!!