Post about Post Its!

Post It notes have really gone all out this season. I can’t even describe to you how excited I was in the office supply store looking at row after row after row of great Post It products.

So remember the whole “re-branding” idea? Well, Soccer Mom and I have been working on all kinds of projects in efforts to make the new brand of the academic foundation more noticeable and memorable.

If anyone knows Soccer Mom, you know that her “sig” (with an S not a C… ew gross) is fun file folders. She has the BEST collection of them.

For the high school’s open house, the board members needed to pass out donor forms. And what better place to put them in but a CUTE file folder. (The colors of the high school are black and gold.) We jazzed them up with labels from Post It. What do y’all think?

These labels are Avery… not Post It…. but the 1 inch size are perfect for topping off water bottles and labeling other little things. I even made some up for

And a great product by Post It are these fabulous name tags!!! They’re designed to move WITH fabric…. GEN-IUS.

Really cool other Post It product tomorrow!!!


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You make my day! I love that you are so excited about supplies! The file folders are darlin' (I too have a small prob. with those)!


Very cute, I'm always tempted by cute file folders but have no good reason to use them. I do use regular post it notes like CRAZY though, I'll go through a couple hundred easy when I have a research paper to write, it's nuts.