Lifeguard Press + Lilly = College Preppy

When a representative from Lifeguard Press emailed me asking me if I’d review a few items from the Lilly Pulitzer stationery (e not a) collection, I was thrilled!!!

I absolutely could not say no!

Sticking with the College Prep theme (woo!), we decided that reviewing some “back-to-school” products!!! I’ve been receiving between 10 and 15 emails a day requesting back-to-school shopping tips. I’m not even exaggerating.

So fellow prepsters, buckle down for some great things!!! Here we go!

First up, the agenda and pen. I was first taken aback by the size of the agenda. I was thinking that a 17 month calender would have to be huge, but it’s the PERFECT width. Definitely NOT too bulky to throw in a tote or backpack, or even a purse! I love that you get more bang for your buck with the extra five months!

I already have an agenda, so Sporty Sister will be sporting (ha) it at the University of Florida! She’s going through Rush right now, I’m so excited (and totally nervous) for her. Hopefully the agenda will inspire her to be on top of her homework 😉 Love ya SS!

The pen is absolutely precious. It definitely has a professional feel (since it’s a metallic material), but is still fun and preppy! It’s also a really good weight. Sturdy, yet not rigid.

Here are some more pictures of the inside of the agenda:

Totally loving the fonts/patterns/colors!!! And a whole page of stickers? Hello, LOVE.

And they sent me some more Lilly highlighters! I had some for last year at school, but I was a highlighting fiend and the ink was running out. So psyched to have a NEW batch! From personal experience, I absolutely loveeeee the green one! And this is a DIRECT quotation from a boy (seriously) who borrowed them: “I feel more and more fabulous every time I use them!”

The picture includes my cosmetic case turned pencil pouch, with two pens (one I already had), and the new highlighters!!!

And I’m totally saving the BEST for last.
Two in ONE! Sticky notes with Lilly pad. These puppies are so perfect for OCD list-makers like myself. You will be seeing future notes everywhere around blog as school starts back up! And the cabanarama matches my PEN! Woo!

I want to send a BIG thank you to Lifeguard Press for asking me to participate. I’d also like to mention, that although these items were sent to me free of cost, I really really really do endorse them fully. Seriously. They’re the best and most creative and preppiest paper goods out there.

And before I sign off, here’s what I got from my Rue La La order:
4 Pocket folders
1 large notebook
1 mini notebook
(not pictured): Lilly pad with stickies, a pocket Lilly pad, and Stuck on You sticky notes.



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Swoon! Only if ALL teachers understood the importance of preppy and Lilly school supplies! They are a M~U~S~T for this highly organized, OCD kindergarten teacher. Your loot looks amazing. Have fun with it all! 😉


I have that agenda, and it's the most amazing thing ever! Your sister will love it! 🙂


I'm in love with the highlighters. The Customer Service folks at Lifeguard Press are exceptional.

I have the mini-agenda, but at 6.5" x 4.5" it's a terrific size to stash in my purse and large enough to include many daily entries.