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As I have posted before (here and here), Soccer Mom found a bunch of Lilly’s at a fabulous consignment shop around the corner from my house.  It is literally fantastic.  We pretty much bought them out of all the best patterns.  We’ve been using the fabric to make all sorts of projects.  (Making the first cut in a dress is the hardest part…)
Yesterday, I was SO BORED.  I hopped in the car and started checking out places I haven’t been to in a while.  I found nothing at Michael’s.  I walked every aisle of Target (I did get some cute things though).  That’s when I remembered about the Lilly heaven.
I wondered if they had received anything new… When I walk in, I see the Lilly display.  AH.  They had a bunch of capris that were in my size (but WAY less than flattering).  The prints were to die for, but unfortunately, capris don’t allow for a lot of useable fabric.
I spotted a skirt in this pattern.  I fell in the love with it!  It has such a great personality.

I found a dress in this pattern.  I can’t wait to figure out what to make with the fabric!  (Whoops, the picture uploaded sideways… Tilt your head for the full effect haha!)

And here are the dress and skirt.  They’re way too big for me to actually wear, so I don’t feel so guilty chopping them up.  The big sizes are actually better for projects because you get a lot more bang for your buck!

I was just about to check out when I saw this!  Initially, I thought of using it for a project, but seeing how it was my size, I decided to keep it!  I had no idea if it would fit or not, but it DOES!  🙂  Summer Lilly’s make me happy!

Hmmm… What projects should I embark on?
-College Prepster

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The dress you bought which fits is absolutely adorable!!! Looks like a winner to wear for your upcoming trip!!!