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Yesterday, Soccer Mom and I went to my absolute favorite shops.  Kate McKenzie is my NUMBER ONE favorite because it carries the absolute BEST brands: Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Lily Pad,  Molly B, Just Madras, Lacoste, and more!  The owner is just an absolute sweetheart.  She always calls my mom or me to let me know when new stuff is coming in…
SM needed to get a few new Lacoste polos… she got her other ones altered and now they don’t fit right (Seriously, Mom, who does that?)… We also determined that she has been buying her polos two sizes too big… Jeez louise.  I picked up a navy polo too because my other one is looking a little tired.
Speaking of Lacoste, I bought the CUTEST little dress while we were there.  It fits perfectly.  SM and I brainstormed what shoes and accessories would go (Um, EVERYTHING!).  I think it will look really cute in the cooler Fall months with a sweater..
My next favorite store is conveniently located just a few doors down, so of course we had to stop in.  The Pink Palm is a Lilly Signature store, but they carry a few other brands as well (like Trina Turk).  I wanted to buy the McKim sandals in Navy, but they don’t have my size.  How do the McKim’s fit?  I’m a true size seven… would a 6 1/2 or a 7 1/2 work?
I ended up leaving with a cute new bathing suit (we call them bsuits in the H household).  It’s the Paltrow Patch Bikini… How perfect is it for the Fourth of July?  We’re going on Vacation (more details to follow…)
Today, I have officially declared BOREDOM (as if watching The Partridge Family wasn’t a red flag).  I’m heading over to Michael’s to see about framing my cute Lilly notecards that I just can’t bear to use.  I’m also thinking of learning how to needlepoint.

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flip flops and pearls


I tried on a pair of McKims yesterday and I am a 6.5….I just grabbed the display and it was a 7.5 and allllllmost could have fit. Ofcourse that was the smallest size they had. So I think if I needed I could have worn a 7. So, I am going with the may run VERY true to size to small…

The Pink Tutu

I love your new finds! I just love a good craft project as well. I have the wedge McKims in my true size, 8 1/2, and they are actually a bit small on me. Try a half size up, that might work!