Lilly Fabric Giveaway

Lauren Nicole is giving away this lovely Lilly fabric!!! I’m almost tempted not to post about it, because I want it!!! Haha… What would I do with Lilly fabric?

Make more Lilly pennants! This is my freshman dorm… I miss it!
And more Yo-Yo t-shirts!

And Lilly shotglasses!

OK, go run to Lauren Nicole and fill out your entry!

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Sweet Caroline

Your freshman dorm was ADORABLE!!! I may have to steal the pendant idea! And believe i or not but I had the same bedding for my freshman year ahahaha great preps think alike! P.S. glad to see your comments are back up!


I love your freshman dorm, too! Also, the flower shirt is fabulous – how do you make them? You are so creative!

the pink prep

i love all your lilly decor — what a happy dorm room!
i love your blog, and am so glad you're doing ok — i've been reading for a long time, and just started my own blog! yours is one of great observations, beautiful pictures, insight and general happiness! keep it up and don't let anyone get you down!


OMG, I love your room. I want to move in! I'm a mom with 2 sons (grown now) and no pink or flowers anywhere in my house since it's been so male dominated for years. I think I'm going to make a pink pillow for my bed!