I cannot wait for the return of Glee. So. Excited.

This is my new favorite Glee song. And I love this video.

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I have never watched glee, but I think I am going to start! Everyone in the blog and twitter world seems to love it and I always trust yalls opinions! Have a great Monday! xoxo


I love GLEE! I can't wait for the new season to start!

I also love the layout of your blog; did you design this?

Jane H.

Sorry for such a late response. I hadn't realize that my layout's html made the comment boxes wacky. But I have now fixed it, so feel free to repost your comment under . I want my blog followers to be able to read and learn all about the great work you're doing!

I read through the work of the Grassroot Project and I'm amazed. The older generation is always saying that the young are slothful, unappreciative, and selfish these days…but the work you and your college peers are doing really proves them wrong. Is there a way I can support this project through my blog? I would love to write a blog entry on it, promote it any way, or do a giveaway related to it. Please email me at shop4charity2010 [at] if you're interested.

Because doing good is chic!


I went to a Glee event last weekend and got to watch the next (unaired) episode. It is so good! You'll love it. I hate that it doesn't come back until mid=April!