I’m all hyped up on caffeine right now. I just finished studying for my economics quiz, but I still have some reading to do for my other class. Dense reading. Yuck.

I took a bit of a study break and browsed the internet and came across one of the most intriguing, visually appealing websites I’ve seen in a while. ReForm School has some odds and ends all across their website and fun finds are hidden everywhere! Check the site out!

I had to narrow my favorite finds down… so here they are:

Keep Calm and Carry On. This is how I came across the website in the first place. I definitely need one of these posters. I think it might just become my new life mantra! I’ve been working on getting rid of my crazies. Today was a good test for me, and I think I managed pretty well (after a short, mini, baby, tiny breakdown).

Little lavender mice! I think these would be the cutest little things to put in the dresser drawers of a guest room. Give your guests a little surprise and keep the seldom used drawers fresh!
This ring is listed as 200 dollars, but I found a cheaper version HERE. I have a slight issue with wearing rings. The second I put them on, I get nervous that it’s going to get stuck on my finger. When I start getting nervous, my finger (as if it can read my mind) begins to swell. And sure enough, the ring gets stuck. Every. Time. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy 🙁

They have the best collection of fun masking tape. I think it would make wrapping presents and shipping boxes so much more fabulous!

OBSESSED with this poster! It’s genius really. See below for my California tattoo drawing skills.

I’m going to buy this and save it for whomever can actually put up with me and my crazies. If I ever find that person, they’ll for sure need this.

Tooth fairy shadow puppet. So fabulous.

This is a themed party. We all dressed like gangsters/thugs/etc. My shirt says THUGS NEED HUGS. How cute? Anyways, I spent a lot of time drawing tattoos on the boys with a Sharpie. California Funk’s California came out pretty well, in my humble opinion.

thanks for the love guys! xoxo

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My gosh, your comment is back!!! Yeah Carly!!! We faithful followers are very happy indeed. Love, Love, Love the Tooth Fairy puppet and the Thugs Theme party is fabulous!!! You certainly come up with great blog posts. So glad you are back!!!


Love the tape! That is awesome and would look really cute if you were shipping a package to a friend! 🙂

Jane H.

I enjoyed looking at the pictures you posted!

I just started a blog too that I think you might like. It combines fashion and giving back to charities. Each week, I will give away 1 Lilly Pulitzer dress (this week it’s the Pink Adelson Shift from Spring 2010) to one lucky follower, who raises awareness of the blog's selected charity through various ways such as tweeting about it or commenting with an interesting fact. I am currently also giving away some great Lilly stationary items too. Please check out my blog at because doing good is chic!


I LOVE that heart poster/map thing.

I think the CA tattoo is pretty great. Definitely the best state 😉