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I was pretty pumped to hit the ground running on Tuesday. After taking a proper vacation, I was ready to get into the swing of things. But a) I had my work cut out of me big time and b) poor Hamilton got pretty sick on Tuesday. So far it doesn’t appear to be contagious because Teddy is fine… and the vet doesn’t seem super concerned. Still worries me and breaks my heart because I can’t really do anything for him besides letting him ride it out. I’m supposed to be going to the beach this weekend but the jury is still out on whether or not the pups and I will be making the drive.  Fingers crossed he starts to feel better and that Teddy remains healthy! 🤞🏻

Brooke and Lou

Shirt // Jeans // Shoes (c/o, use CARLY20 for 20% off)

Pillow (c/o) // Jar (c/o) // Chair

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Atlantic Pacific x Halogen’s New Collection

I am SO excited that Blair announced another collection with Halogen. Not just another collection… but a few (!!!) for multiple seasons. I loved the items last year but my favorites sold out in my size before I could buy. She announced the collab with the launch of one of the products: a bow dress inspired by a popular shirt from last year’s collection. It’s pretty much sold out now (although keep an eye out for returns)– but still a great peek into what’s to come. Blair also did a Q&A about the line on her blog in case you have questions!

TWO // Homemade Snickers

Molly Yeh remains one of my favorite food blogs to follow, and even more so now that she had her daughter BERNIE (💔 so freaking cute). Her homemade snickers look divine. And they’re no-bake! Would be a fun weekend project if you’re in the mood to bake.

THREE // Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Lilly announced the dates for this year’s After Party sale. If you’re a major Lilly lover, you know the drill! It kicks off this MONDAY around 8 am. As usual, there will be a virtual queue so you’ll want to have your patience at hand and account updated with your credit card and shipping info ahead of time. This year there will be multiple drops of product. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday… so worth checking back every day if you’ll be shopping!

FOUR // Pepper

While I was on Nantucket, I snuck away from my family one night and attended a women’s networking event with Ellevest. I met Erin, co-founder of Pepper and we instantly hit it off! I was so impressed with her new company. Beautiful home accessories in fun prints and patterns. I especially love the table linens– so fun to mix and match the table cloth, placemats, and napkins!!

FIVE // Connie Talbot Returns to Britain’s Got Talent

Do you guys remember Connie Talbot? The little girl on Britain’s Got Talent who sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Well, she’s back and all grown up. (I feel like a grandma for saying that, but I really can’t believe how many years its been since her breakthrough on the show.) Her performance of her original song is incredible– she’s such a strong singer with true talent.

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Carly…you look so beautiful with your two pups. They are adorable and I so enjoy your posts. Hope they stay well today.


“Her homemade snickers look divine. And they’re no-bake! Would be a fun weekend project if you’re in the mood to bake.”

This is confusing to me. I thought you said they are no-bake.


Hi Carly! I love those jeans! They’re such a beautiful wash. Can you please let me know how the fit is? Are they stretch? Thank you!


Fits true to size. They don’t have stretch” exactly, but they do stretch out as you wear them if that makes sense?


Carly thank you so much for the love!! Thank you for always being so supportive you are the best! XO BEE