Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Picks

It feels funny to be writing this right now. It’s currently chilly and rainy outside and dark and cozy inside my apartment. It certainly doesn’t feel like the time of year when you should be making summery purchases. BUT, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale launched this morning!!! Even though we’re close to fall, this is a great time to stock up on summer pieces. Last year, I purchased a coverup that ended up being my absolute favorite all summer long. It was so worth tucking it away because it was a too-good-to-be-true deal!

I just got into the sale (remember, traffic will likely be high so you’ll be placed in a virtual line… DO NOT REFRESH the page or you’ll lose your spot!) and I have to say that I think this year’s inventory is the best yet. Rounding up what I think are the best buys from the sale:

Warning: the sale is SO GOOD that it could be dangerous for your wallet.

Usually I’d recommend buying something immediately if you see it, but because there is so much inventory, wait because you never know what’ll be on the next page. It took me FOREVER to go through everything and I’m just blown away by the number of items included in the sale. (To the point where it almost feels like they’re going out of business and just selling everything off, haha)


Hollie Tunic Dress + Hooded Coverup + Callista Shift (my favorite Lilly dress ever, pictured above!) + Skipper Popover Dress + Jane Shift


Milla Shift Dress + Sleeveless Top + Elsa Top + Gabby Shift Dress


Gold Cardigan (great for weddings + events) + LWD + UPF Solid Sophie Dress + Black Sweater


Acrylic Cups + Drink Umbrellas + Baby Lilly Shift + Round Beach Towel + Pool Hammock


Carry-On Suitcase + Sleeveless Skipper Dress + Evangelia Printed Dress + Essie Maxi Dress + Mila Shift Dress


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