Lilly Pulitzer Bay Blue

Don’t mind me, I’m over here still enjoying summer. (Labor Day is next week people and fall doesn’t “officially” start for a few weeks, so… just leaving that here.)

We’re in Bonaire for this scuba trip. The Bonaire part has been great; I’m still on the fence about the scuba part… yikes. I think my favorite part though is the hour before the sunsets here. It’s so beautiful! Boats start docking and divers are hurrying to get things rinsed and put away before dinner. The sky starts glowing. And the temperatures drop just enough to be comfortable when mixed with the ocean breeze.

We had dinner downtown the other night. With everyone’s lack-of-watches set to Island Time, it takes some getting used to sit down and not worry about how quickly your food will arrive. The group of us sat outside and just ate and talked under the stars. After dinner, one half of the group loaded up in the van to go for a night dive, while the other half took the truck to find ice cream. (I’m sure you can guess which vehicle I found myself in, ha!)

I’m typically not a halter top kind of girl, but this Lilly halter top is just right. It’s actually not completely a halter top, which makes it easier to throw on and more flattering around both the neck and back! With a breezy ruffle and subtle turtle print, I’d say it’s just about the cutest top.

When I’m on vacation, particularly one at the beach, I try to keep everything super simple and carefree. Quick makeup, no hair styling, and easy to wear jewelry. I wore delicate sand dollar earrings, a doorstep necklace to remind me of home, and my bracelet of travel charms.

Also, long live the white jeans. I wear them year round, so expect to see them after Labor Day my friends!

– Lilly Pulitzer Millie Halter Top (c/o)
– White Jeans
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Audrey Lin

I love halters but I don't wear them often either because it's so difficult finding a comfortable bra for it. I love wearing loose coverups or dresses to the beach. No pants for me! Thanks for sending summer vibes ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Tori A.

I'm in love with this top; the ruffle on the bottom is adorable, plus the Lilly print is just spot-on. Wishing I was in Bonaire instead of a fall climate!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day

Shapin up

Love the minimal makeup look with that adorable outfit. You have a very fresh-faced and relaxed vibe, perfect for vacation! And um night diving? That sounds terrifying. Count me in for the ice cream though 🙂

Hanging with the Hirsts

I went scuba diving with my hubby's family on their vacation a few years ago and am not a fan… I was too stressed out the whole time, my mask was continuously fogged up and failed miserably at trying to clear it. I would've gone to get ice cream too 😉

Mallory B

I'm so jealous!! Sounds like a great place to be! I love that top, the colors and cut look amazing on you!

xoxo, Mal