Twenty Six

This is the first year where I’ve been had a hard time remembering my birthday. I obviously know the date of my birthday, but I keep forgetting it’s here! My birthday, September 1, always feels like the end of summer. As a kid, I used to remind myself to not look forward to it since it inevitably would mean the end of summer vacation and beginning of the school year.
For a number of reasons, I’ve never been huge into birthdays. I don’t understand people who celebrate their birthdays for a month (sorry, it’s a birthday not month). This year in particular I feel even less into my own birthday which is saying something considering my general apathy towards it. For starters, it doesn’t feel like summer is over and 26 doesn’t feel like that special of a year.
It doesn’t even feel like anything special to write about or to even note. I want to make a Facebook status letting people know they can skip the birthday wishes on my wall. It’s just another day, I’m just another year older.
But then again, there’s something wonderful about having a mundane birthday. There’s even something to celebrate in that. I’m in fantastic health, as is my family and friends. I’m in a wonderful relationship. I have a sweet pup who loves unconditionally. We’ve moved to great apartment in a state we’re falling more in love with by the day. 
A non-special birthday is special. I have nothing to complain about. No need for a fresh start, no new year to look forward to. There’s nothing I need to leave behind in 25 and no regrets to bring into 26.
I’m really genuinely content and happy… and would love to see that carried into this year. 

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Lacey L

Happy, happy birthday! I turn 19 today. We must be so similar because our birthdays are the same! 🙂 I also always feel like my birthday isn't much of a reason to celebrate but I love the idea of taking the moment to appreciate the things I so often overlook.
Hope your day is fabulous!
xoxo, L

Tori A.

I'm so glad that you've been able to find a real sense of happiness in your life, Carly. I hope twenty-six is the best year yet!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day

Suburban prep

Wishing you all the best for a wonderful day and a joyous year.
I understand about birthdays — especially those in September as mine is too. The first day of 8th grade was my 13th birthday. I still remember all these many years later.
You have many years ahead of you. Enjoy each day and each year — HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Know each year you are able to celebrate is a special one.


Happy, happy birthday Carly! We've never met, but I've read your blog for a while and just love it. Your birthday seemed like a good time to tell you that your blog is one of my favorites (and I read a lot of them). You always brighten my day. Best wishes for a fabulous year!

Riley Russell

Happy, Happy Birthday! It's always a funny time of year for a birthday (mine is August 31) because the season is starting to change, school is beginning, etc. I also had a "non-special" year, 23, and love your thoughts about celebrating the little joys.