Lilly Pulitzer Inspiration

This weekend, I’ve been at a conference in Dallas. (All you Dallas girls out there, please note that I’m seriously considering moving down here.)
One of the presentations was by a team from Lilly Pulitzer. The video they showed was about how they made the prints for the spring collection. I really loved it. Mackenzie and I both were ready to drop everything and run to the nearest art supply store to paint. (Actually, don’t be surprised if you find out that we’ve painted directly on our walls back in NYC… it’s happening.)
The lunch was lots of fun and it got me totally thinking about summer and short shift dresses and beaches.
How much fun are these old Lilly ads? I’d love the consistency of the styling and how the dresses are more or less the same.
I think this one is amazing!!! Can we all just find a way to jump into this picture a la Mary Poppins style?
This is a newer advertisement, but it has a great vintage feel. (And it’s sassy.)
Shop below for some of my favorite Lilly looks right now:
Are you gearing up to bring out your Lillys?

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Nicole Y

I love the new lilly stuff, and move to Dallas! It's great down here warm weather plus the city is undergoing so much urban revival its a great place for any young person to be!

Cairee Alyse

Love all the old ads! I am a big marketing nerd and really appreciate it hahah! I HAVE been waiting to bust out the Lilly. It's been warm here forever, but I have a white Lilly I refuse to wear before memorial day (northern upbringing.. i don't know?) and a new halter dress from the new year sale I haven't quite found the occasion for.