Organize, Please… Spring Closets

Okay, okay… confession. I really only switched over my closet partly when I wrote this “Spring Cleaning” post a few weeks ago. I was kind of in the process of doing it, but I really needed to just sit down and do it in one fell swoop.
My friend Kathryn came over for a project that we’re revealing a bit later. Here’s a sneak peek though:
Well, part of the project required going through my closet and instead of just sifting through the hangers, I pulled everything from my closet out. Every single dress, every single sweater, every pair of jeans… just everything. Clothes were strewn across the room.
I forgot about a lot of the dresses that I had brought up with me to the city. And I was certainly happy to put away my winter dresses, skirts, and thick sweaters into deeper storage. My closet feels so much better right now.
My closet back in Tampa was a walk in with way too much space. I was definitely spoiled by the space, but this closet here in NYC actually is pretty great! 
I always find that the best way to organize closets is to map out where you want to place everything. Use any shelf space you have wisely and the things you don’t necessarily need access to should (obviously) go to the harder to reach places.
I have majorly winter dresses and more “businesswear” on the upper top shelf. My closet has a second rack, but it’s crazy hard to reach for me without using the step stool in my kitchen. Hanging those things in the way back keeps them accessible in case I have a meeting, but out of sight when I don’t. 
Then I have my skirts and shorts followed by stacks of jeans. From there, I have some t-shirts folded neatly. And on the far end, I folded up my sweaters that are too warm for spring. Again, I can’t get to those sweaters without a step stool!
I have a bunch of button ups and button downs that I wear all the time, so I have those front and center. I ran out of hangers (again), so I had to keep some of my shirts on the hangers from the dry cleaner. It’s driving me crazy, so yea…. The shirts kind of fade into dresses with a few shirt dresses and then into my regular dresses. Too many to count. (Please dissuade me from ever buying a new dress…)

I’m still wearing a bunch of sweaters since it’s a little cool out (boo). They’re out of the way so the closet can better transition into summer! Polo shirts and other blouses are back there too.
The buckets at the bottom are still catchalls for umbrellas, scarves, bathing suits, and belts. The middle drawers are still for workout clothes, socks/tights, pajamas, and some jewelry.
Sometimes just getting everything out and reorganizing your clothes for a new season can give you a new outlook on your wardrobe. Plus, even the most well-intended organized closet still can get out of control from time to time. Spring time cleaning is the perfect way to just get back to that (everything in its place) square one.
Have you tackled something off your spring cleaning list? What’s something you’d like to see me organize next?

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I like the way you organized your closet! I've been doing the same, but I also have a large DSW bag that I'm determined to fill with old clothes and donate.

New rule for the future: every time I buy something new something old has to go!


I did major spring cleaning yesterday too 🙂

You should team up with a couple other bloggers and sell your old things (maybe for a cause/charity if you want to?). I mostly say this because I estimate that I'm about the same size as you and Mackenzie haha. Maybe that's the project you're working on?

Happy Spring (Cleaning)!


Gah, I have to do some serious spring cleaning! I already have a bag in my car of clothes to donate, but now I need to go through my winter clothes and donate a bunch of those.
AND I need to clean my ceilings, which sounds weird. But it needs done. The only problem is they're vaulted ceilings, so I need to somehow find a ladder, or borrow one.

The joys of being an adult!

carelessly graceful

Portuguese Prepster

love getting a sneak peek of your closet. I'm moving out of my college apartment and need to purge so much clothes! I'm spoiled with a walk in at home too so I really need to learn to minimize!


my closet is so organized. i can't function when it's not perfectly organized. i do the same thing, i take everything out and then put it back in. i don't have a very big closet, which is fine because i know the next place i live won't have one either.

Allyson Austin

Love this! A bunch of my girlfriends and I did a clothing exchange last week. Needless to say, my wardrobe is in need of some serious organization. Thanks for the ideas!


I just did this this weekend! I can't stop starting at my closet now, I just love how organized it is! I've never seen it so organized and clean, and EMPTY! I filled 4 bags full of clothes for a garage sale we are having, and then another 5 bags full of clothes to donate! Feels so good to let go of all that "stuff"!


Cairee Alyse

I'm in a huge closet "re-organizing" phase. After moving to a substantially warmer climate I have had to adjust big time with wardrobe and am still getting used to it. I bought a few shelving units that I still need to put together and re-organize everything on. I guess spring is the perfect time. I have had a really hard time getting rid of clothes I think I'll wear but haven't been able to come to terms with the fact that south Louisiana weather isn't quite Connecticut. It's actually become quite a fashion overhaul!

Julia D.

I WISH I had your organizational skills. I never fee like I have enough space in my closet, but seeing you do such an amazing job with such little room has given me the inspiration to do it.