I realized as I was walking to meet Mackenzie at 3:45 in the morning on Friday, that I never mentioned that I was visiting Dallas. There was a blogger conference going on and Mackenzie and I jumped at the opportunity for a fun trip! We had been planning the trip for so long that I kind of forgot about it. April felt like such a long way away, and then I practically blinked and the week was here! I actually did not realize that the trip was happening. I thought I had another week to plan outfits and get business cards re-printed and everything. Nope.
Anyway, maybe it was a good thing that the trip crept up on me because there was simply no time to panic or get nervous about traveling. I stayed up (almost) all night packing and getting all my ducks in a row.
So off to Dallas we went.
Every single person we met was beyond friendly. Dallas is kind of my new favorite place. Warm smiles, helpful suggestions, and actual conversations everywhere. It was crazy because on Thursday, I yelled at a crosswalk sign in New York City. (As in, I actually raised my voice to an inanimate object telling it to hurry up.) I think this trip to Dallas couldn’t have come at a better time. As much as I love the city, it apparently has “gotten to me.” Dallas was a fresh reminder of the importance of simple friendliness and the power of sharing a smile.
I loved getting to know new bloggers and meeting up with “online” friends. Oh, and Mackenzie and I just had a blast together and got into all sorts of trouble!
I was running on so very little sleep. Dr. Pepper and a few (read: a million) Tootsie Rolls kept me going. So not healthy, but it was technically a vacation of sorts… sooo….

The first night there, we ended up accidentally hitchhiking to dinner. We didn’t stand on the street with our thumbs in the air, but we did ask these two guys how we were supposed to get a cab. (We kind of missed NYC at this point…) After telling us that we had to call a cab company, they asked us where we were headed. They said it was on their way…. and then offered us rides. This was totally unlike me, but they were friendly and it was Dallas and they assured us they didn’t “swing” our way. It’s really not as exciting or adventurous as it sounds. But they were sweet and gave us a tour of some neighborhoods and then dropped us off. My first and last attempt at this, I can assure you.
I loved getting a bit of work done on the porch of our hotel room. The weather was beautiful and it was a wonderful change of scenery.

We spent some time accidentally exploring a few areas around the hotel. We were kind of obsessed with just about everything.
After a long day of conferencing, drinks with Tuckernuck and some time by the pool was obviously in order.

Heading back to the airport to return to the city was a challenge; Dallas was just too much fun! Oh, and it turns out that Mackenzie and I color coordinate when we travel.
We got back to the city in time for our weekly brunch at Maison Kayser. (It’s one of my favorite spots in NYC!) You know you have a good friendship on your hands when you can spend every waking minute together for an entire trip and you still want to see each other when you get back. Then we went shopping, whoops!
Have you ever traveled with a friend? Have you ever been to Dallas?

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Quincy Bulin

If you liked Dallas, I promise you will LOVE Austin! Everyone who visits here never wants to leave. Pleasepleaseplease stop by sometime, we're a pretty neat bunch. 🙂

Cairee Alyse

Glad you had fun! I have traveled with a friend, it's the greatest! Have only been to Dallas once and I was a child. Haven't really been back to Texas since childhood, although I have heard great things. I now live in a state that borders TX (Louisiana) but it's still SOOO big that I might as well drive back to CT in 12 hours! Haha! Need to get on it some day 🙂


Oh, I wish I had known you were coming! I live in Dallas and would've totally given you girls some suggestions for restaurants/fun things to do! So glad you liked it here- I'm pretty partial to it myself!

Anna @ IHOD

Thanks for the fun deets:) Wish I could have been there. Next time!
Its so nice to travel with a good friend- makes it more of a memorable trip:)

Lauren Creek

I am in love with everything about this post! I'm absolutely obsessing over those Warby Parker sunglasses and the J. McLaughlin duffles! Looks like you had a fabulous time in Dallas 🙂

Elizabeth King

Hi Carly! What size do have for the J. McLaughlin duffel? I am contemplating between the medium and large? Which do you have and prefer? 🙂 Thank you!
-An Avid Follower!

Julia D.

I've been on two major trips with friends (one to NYC, actually) and both were awesome. Then there's girls weekends which are also a lot of fun. Dallas looks great so I'll have to add to my ever-growing list of places to visit!