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Candies is a really fun brand of iPhone cases. While the normal hardshell cases have always been my favorites, I’ve kind of been obsessing over cute little jelly cases. (Especially ones with ears!) Candies has been super popular in Japan, but the popularity is spreading! (At the conference in Dallas, tons of girls had cute iPhone cases and it definitely got me thinking!)
The case adds such a fun element to her chic outfit.
The Cliché line is definitely my favorite out of all of them:
Inspired by the element of elegance and felinity, Cliché blends classic vintage designs with modern materials and colors. Cliché products are elegant and chic – a complimentary addition to a modern ladies’ everyday collection. 

Cliché’s handbag collection is sophisticated and sensual, making a bold impression and statement in the international world of fashion. Cliché continues to produce charming designs with grace and elegance that is appreciated and much adored by celebrities around the world.”

Park & Cube is one of my favorite blogs!

Super cute!
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This would be PERFECT for my iPhone while I'm visiting Europe for 3 weeks! I'll be using it mostly as a camera to save battery (since I have an iPod touch for apps).