Lilly Pulitzer Pennants

Part 2

This is the promised second part to my Lilly Pulitzer Table Runner post.  This summer I discovered  I would spend hours perusing the site for adorable items.  I found these really cute “Happy Birthday” pennants, and thought this would be great for my dorm.  Of course, they would just HAVE to be Lilly Fabric.  Thanks to Soccer Mom’s table runner project, we had plenty of Lilly fabric to work with.  
I have taken sewing lessons before, and SM is quite talented and has taught me the ropes as well.  Occasionally I’ll come up with some idea for a project and sit behind the sewing machine (like a skirt made completely out of ties!).  
First, we found pieces that would be large enough to use.  We cut out a cardboard template of the triangle shape we would need for the pennants.  We spent a few afternoons cutting the fabric into the correct shape.  For the back panels, we decided on seersucker.  It was strong enough to support the shape, yet didn’t give the pennants a stiff look.  We pinned the Lilly front to the seersucker back and sewed the edges, leaving the top open.  The trickiest part was trying to turn the pennant right-side out and getting a nice sharp point.  We used pencils to poke the corner out.
To strand them together, I insisted on grosgrain ribbon.  (Remember: I’m obsessed.) I laid the individual pennants out on the floor to visualize and rearrange them.  After figuring out the order for the three strands, SM and I ironed the grosgrain ribbon in half to give us a good crease in the middle to work with.  We folded the ribbon over the tops of the pennants and sewed along.
I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.  I love them so much!  It’s a little funny to look out the window and see snow coming down in contrast with the bright and cheery Lilly.
In the pictures, you can see our beds (yes, we planned to match!) and our monogrammed walls!  The strand on the window is my favorite.  You can also see that we have a view of the football field from our room!  
-College Prepster
PS Did you know that word “seersucker” comes from a persian word shiroshaker, which literally means Milk & Sugar.  How cute?

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Bravo!!! Seems SweetPea and I are thinking along the same lines. The only thing different I would add is to incorporate SM in a business togeher. You are a great team together and I can see nothing but success together…. and always remember “word of mouth” is a great start for many new businesses. Hoping to hear something about perhaps future entrepreneurs in the future!!!