Lilly Pulitzer Table Runner

This is going to be a Two Part post…

Part 1
As if it wasn’t obvious enough: I LOVE Lilly!  Graduation parties are a pretty big deal at my high school.  I really didn’t want to have a solo one because I think it’s a little ostentatious.  Soccer Mom insisted that I have one at least for family and close family friends.  I reluctantly agreed, and the event was therefore named my “Non-Party.”  (I was really against the idea.)
The plan was to just have a barbeque… no fuss.  The end of the year was pretty stressful for me, so I left the planning to my mom.  I was working on a HUGE group project for my AP Physics class.  I’m talking 4 hours a night for three weeks.  Anyways, Soccer Mom didn’t mention any of the planning to me, knowing that I would have most likely have a panic attack at the thought of it.  Little did I know, Soccer Mom had a HUGE project of her own up her sleeve.
The theme for my “Non-Party” was Lilly.  SM had invitations with pink and green palm trees made up.  And her brilliant idea?  A Lilly Pulitzer table runner! All of this was a surprise to me, of course.  While I was at crew practice (about 3 and half hours a day) SM would work diligently.
She started by going to a consignment shop near our house.  SM’s best friend had spotted the Lilly clothes earlier. (She ended up making me a Lilly trash bin and picture frame!)  SM rushed over there and bought them out.  Luckily, they carried a huge selection of large sizes, which meant more fabric.
When I was out of the house, SM went to town cutting the various dresses and skorts. (It sounds barbaric, I know!)  SM is really good at quilting, so the table runner was a piece of cake.  The backing of it was seersucker… How perfect?  She also had it embroidered with my name and graduating year.
On the day of the “Non-Party,” I came home from practice to a Lilly-fied house.  The table runner was GORGEOUS!  SM made napkin rings with preppy ribbon and had cakes and petit fours frosted with pink and green.
In the pictures, you can see parts of my Physics project.  I’m mentioning it because I LOVED decorating it… Not to mention it was the most intense project of my life.  (My group got into a competition with boys and we couldn’t let them win!)  We built a house (complete with chandeliers, jacuzzis, a house alarm, and fans) that was completely wired through a micro controller which was controlled by a wireless radio.  We programmed a “simple” computer program so that we could control everything from a laptop across the room.  We had so much fun and learned more than we could have ever imagined.
To be continued…
-College Prepster
PS Click on the pictures to make them bigger… You can really see the detail in the table runner!

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Preppy 101

I LOVE it!! Your mom is not only Soccer Mom, but also Super Mom!! But I will have to be totally honest. I am having a hard time deciding which thing I am most impressed with – the darling party or that fab A.P. Physics project!!! That project is a.ma.zing!!


Fantastic work on your blog. Includes great creative writing, pictures depicting your mechanical abilities building the house and fitting it from decorative to wires to function . If I was your teacher you would receive an A+ on this latest blog. Can’t wait for Part 2 An exceptional piece of work Carly!!!

Miss Janice

I love your Lilly tablescape…I would like to invite you to attend my Lilly Fashion Show next week. Please stop by my blog for all the details. I hope to see you then!