This is Just Fantastic!

When I was home this weekend, I visited my favorite store, of course!  I went on Monday morning to look at all the springy clothes!  I lusted over the Lilly skorts and Vineyard Vines dresses.  The owner, whom I absolutely adore, told me they were getting a new shipment of clothes that afternoon.  She assured me she would call the minute it arrived.  Thankfully, three hours before I had to leave for the airport I got the call.

Just Madras has incredible collections of everything, you guessed it, MADRAS!  They have everything from table clothes to coffee mugs to clothes.  The website itself if a Prepster’s dream!  
I’m also a huge fan of the pennants.  I love nautical flags.  (I’ll post pictures of my Lilly flags later!) The pennants are the cutest things.  Oh, and for you tennis players.  The racket covers are fantastic.  You will definitely stand out on the courts carrying it!
I also tried on one of the dresses.  It was remarkably comfortable.  Sometimes madras is too stiff, but this dress fell very nicely.  Due to the weather up here in DC, I knew I couldn’t buy it… yet.   
Right now, it’s raining outside and I’m really looking forward to the spring.  
-College Prepster

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Think if your Bean Boots happen to be LLBean boots, they have new Bean Wellies in spring colors. Check ut the Azalea/green Lobster crab ones. $59.00…a good buy!!!