My Little Secret!


I’m about to reveal one of my best kept secrets.  OK.. Confession: I don’t keep it a secret it all!  I tell everyone, so why not tell my blog friends, too!

I’ve already proclaimed my obsession with bows and ribbon.  “Where do I get my ribbon?” you may ask.. THE BEST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD OF COURSE!
I have been a LONG time supporter of JCarolineCreative.Com.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE their inventory!  The fabric selections are amazing!  They have SO many cute and preppy options.  Way better than any fabric store, which can sometimes carry cheap and tacky alternatives.  I can spend hours searching through the fabric, dreaming of everything I could make.  Right now, my favorite is Spring Geometric by Sandi Henderson.
The ribbon collection just cannot be beat.  They have everything from grosgrain, satin, jacquard, you name it!  Check THIS out!  I hope y’all are still breathing!  
EXPLORE EVERY CORNER OF THIS SITE!!!  They also feature “How-Tos” that are so easy and perfect to follow.  (Links are included to buy the materials needed… how perfect?) I used the fabric covered button one and had zero problems…
ALSO, they have a BLOG!  So much fun 🙂
I just love getting my ribbon orders in the mail from JCaroline… the ribbon comes in tight little rolls. AH!
I am just so flustered talking about how much I LOVE this website!
-College Prepster Y

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A career in advertising ahead ??? Already have started on blog introducing your favorite websites!!! Sounds good!!! Go Girl!!!