Lisa Frank is REAL

My best friend, sister, and I had a “Lisa Frank Club” in the cedar closet of the basement. It was amazing. Stickers, unicorns, and rainbows. For six year olds, I really can’t imagine something that could be better.

We had the folders, the Trapper Keepers, the pencils, the stuffed animals, and (of course) the stickers. We were obsessed and simply couldn’t get enough.

Guess what? Lisa Frank is real. This video is awesome and I may or may not want to go visit the factory now. That archive is just incredible!!

Were you a fan of Lisa Frank?

PS We also had a Lip Smackers club. That was intense collecting. I remember crying when I found out my friend’s mom had thrown out everything when it melted in a closet one summer. (And I was in middle school then… It was such a coming of age moment. I VIVIDLY remember thinking, “I’m not going to be a kid forever. My childhood melted.”)
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Yes! Lisa Frank was awesome and all the cool girls always had all of her supplies! They sell them at the Dollar Tree now – and I may or may not have wanted to stock up. ha!


Ohhh man Lisa Frank represents my childhood! I was obsessed. I had all the folders, notebooks, planners, stickers… I could go on for days! So funny that I'm not alone and that others were obsessed too! Am I too old to go to the factory and buy some supplies?! haha

Fairy Princess Jord

Oh my gosh I was OBSESSED with Lisa frank. Actually I still sort of am. I don't have any Lisa frank stuff anymore but it's so fun to look at, brightly colored dolphins, pink unicorns, puppies and kittens! What more could a first grade girl ask for?!

Hannah B. Slaughter

Haha! I posted about Lisa Frank this past week because for some reason Kate Spade's Fall line reminded me so much of those fast food stickers I used to put on *everything!*

And your childhood melting is totally worth a few tears. My personal favorite was when I found Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers. I was soooo cool 😉

Allison Leighann.

I LOVED Lisa Frank when I was a kid. I definitely had everything I could of LF when I was in elementary school.

Also. I don't follow very many blogs, 23 to be exact, and I'm going to be hosting a giveaway sometime next week once my FB page hits 150 likes (it's got 9 to go!), so I wanted to let you know so you could participate since you're one of those. 🙂 I know I'm a "baby blog" but I'm doing my best to get my voice out there! So I just wanted to let you know.

Hope your day is wonderful!

Carly Totten

Oh my gosh! I loved Lisa Frank too! I actually just Googled LF not too long ago to see if her products were still being made. I always wanted all of her book bags, and choosing new LF folders was always a highlight in elementary school. : )

PS: I saw your tweet earlier about the horrendous note someone wrote to you, and I couldn't believe it. You are so wonderful and talented. Please don't take that awful note to heart. Keep going, girl!

LeAnn R

I LOVE Lisa Frank! I still by the notebooks when I see them — so cute and colorful! My brother's wife Lisa's maiden name was Frank so naturally my friends and I were a little jealous (we were in our early 20s…)


I love this! I actually still have a lot of Lisa Frank stuff…it makes it so much more fun working on grocery lists or menu plans in an unicorn notebook 🙂 On the occasional weekend, friends and I may still bring out a Lisa Frank coloring book or puzzle!


I’m 36 yo and I still love lisa Frank I tearappart the shelves for her coloring books at the dollar tree if there is only one my hm m and I fight over it she is 42 and so she argues I’m older then you so I say she walks away with the book. I say to her back BRAT meany .