Oh So Necessary

This has been a week. I mean, I don’t know the last time I’ve ever been this busy or this exhausted (or having this much fun). Sore feet, fatigue, and fun. Sounds the making of a crazy week, right?
So many balls are in the air personally and professionally and as my ninth grade english teacher would say, “The plates are spinnin’.” I secretly love that feeling. Sheer… exhilaration.
What has been getting me through the week? Here are my “Oh-So-Necessaries”:
Spare iPhone Charger // Between scrolling through Instagram and trying to find reservations for brunch and Snapchatting friends, my poor iPhone hardly has been making it through the afternoon. The iPhone charger comes in handy, and it can even make you some friends at events. (There’s almost always someone desperate for a quick charge!)
Julep Friction Stick // I’ve used the Band-aid brand one before, but the Julep one is THE best. Hands down. It’s a lot wider, so it’s easier to use… especially when you’re balancing on one foot in heels and hopping out of a cab. It happens. It also has the freshest smell.
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser // I’ve been hunting for a great cleanser. This is absolutely it. I use the lotion every day, so I don’t know why I never thought to try the other products in the line. After spending all day in cabs and outside and walking and wearing more makeup than usual, I love just cleansing my skin gently. It removes eye makeup too, which is a huge plus.
Drybar Curling Iron // Ah-mazing. It took me a solid three tries to really get the hang of it, but now I’m obsessed. I will definitely be doing a Youtube video soon on how I use it. I’ve been whipping my hair up this morning and doing touchups before heading out at night. I’ve saved so much money because otherwise I would have wanted to get a blowout before every event!
Jack Rogers // It is not worth it to walk around in heels when you don’t have to. Jack Rogers are flat and fit perfectly into handbags when not in use. My feet have been saved by my Jacks. My blisters have blisters and the balls of my feet are simply sore from heels. Lots of walking and standing. Not good.
Moleskine // I’ve been living and dying by my Moleskine. It’s a gamechanger. I use it for notes, reminders, jotting down blogs and Twitter accounts, doodling when bored, and capturing thoughts I don’t want to forget!
Poppin Pen // The Poppin pens are colorful and definitely provide an extra pop, BUT the actual ink is black. Which I love. You get the best of both worlds.
Kate Spade Beau Bag // It’s stylish enough to carry into a fashion show… but structured enough that it is quite functional. Storing extra shoes and a hairbrush and notebooks and everything is no problem in the Beau Bag. So so so in love with the black one that Kate Spade sent me!

What do you consider oh-so-necessary?


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Definitely love Moleskines! I have one with me at all times! And the Kate Spade Beau Bag? Adorable! Definitely on my wish list. Glad you're enjoying your week, Carly! 🙂


Jennifer S.

I have seen a couple of people posting about that bag recently and I am absolutely envious. I would carry it every day. Seriously.


Amber Lee Rosenzweig

I don't know why, but recently I've offered my back up iphone battery to a few people and everyone was so amazed (and thankful) that such a thing existed! I also use the Fresh soy face cleanser and LOVE it. Best part – it's good year round! Gentle enough for winter and get everything off even on sweaty humid days in the summer. Also, loving the beau bag, but still trying to decide on a color (black and nude i'm thinking?).


And lately, my essentials are: my Lilly Pulitzer travel mug, Burt's Bees lip balm in pink grapefruit, and post-it notes for work.


i have been wanting to to try the drybar curling iron and the fresh face cleanser. and the friction stick is a great idea, how did i not know about these?

Lavender Bourbon

The fresh soy face cleanser is definitely a staple for me as well! It's the only thing that prevents morning "raccoon eyes" 🙂

Will definitely have to check out the friction stick!!